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Finally got some of this in stock!

More Essen goodies enjoyed this week: Great Western Trail - herding your cattle across the west to the Kansas City and then delivering them further up the line by railway. A mighty game that on first reading seems a tangled mess but actually plays very smoothly. A long evening's play and we finished with fairly close scores. This one has gone onto the shop's shopping list.

Three of us have been campaigning Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game over a period of time. We finally finished the last scenario. This little co-op card game has really impressed us and has always been a pleasure to return to. The challenge level is just right. You have to work together, and should win. We're disappointed that rights issues mean there won't be any expansions available in the foreseeable future.

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Scythe - and quite a meaty game. It's a worker-placement game with some combat and a lot of resource management. Great theme which does a good job of hiding the more abstract elements. The humour on the encounter cards was always fun. We had a thoroughly absorbing evening and the game has a lot of re-playability. (Pictured is the Kickstarter edition)

Recently we've been campaigning Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game. We've been very impressed by this little game. The game is only Warhammer in theme, it is basically an RPG-style game in a small box. On Quest 3, we won on the last dice roll of the last player turn; very close indeed.

Next week: a break from adventuring; Sycthe is scheduled.

Booked our tickets for the UK Games Expo. Also booked in quite a few second-hand games to sell - four game cupboards just aren't big enough.

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Been playing some Shadows of Brimstone lately. In this photo, we're about too win the opening scenario quite easily. Previous attempts had not gone so well.

Finished T.I.M.E Stories: Under the Mask in five runs. For a while it looked like there wasn't going to be enough Time Units to finish (no TU refresh, unlike some of the stories). Quite a complex set of puzzles to unlock but there are several ways to find the information you need.

Fun Easter Egg at the end, though.

And what's with the black-and-white patterned cubes? They've turned up several times now.

Straight on to T.I.M.E Stories: Under the Mask; a harder game than the previous ones. More complex puzzles to solve. Great theme in Ancient Egypt. Introduces a new concept of switching Receptacles mid-game. Only managed a couple of runs and nowhere near solving it.

Finished The Marcy Case after a number of attempts. A tense game and a close finish in the final run.
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