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In stark contrast to LinkedIn, I would like to make a genuine endorsement.  I bought a laptop bag from these guys two and a half years ago and have used it almost every weekday during that time.  Apart from being the best laptop bag I've ever had, it's still almost as good as new after all that time/use.  Unfortunately the plastic grip around the carrying handle snapped but thanks to a three year warranty and excellent customer service, I received a brand new one in the post today.  ENDORSED!  :)

Just saw an awesome trailer for a film Chronicle. Hope the film is as good as the trailer.

Apparently there is a scam company called PDS Parcel Delivery Service leaving cards asking you to call to collect parcel but is premium rate

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RT @TwopTwips: AN INSOMNIAC bagpipe player with amoebic dysentery makes an inexpensive baby for childless couples. /via @mothmun

Logical Fallacies. I love these articles (available as five minute podcasts or short essays) on logical fallacies

and how to spot pseudoscience:

I love being skeptical!

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LRT seem to have decent free WiFi on their newest buses.

Really enjoyed the Martin Scorsese film about George Harrison. Didn't realise he mortgaged his house to raise £4 million for Life of Brian to be made after EMI pulled the plug.
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