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Dan Romanchik
Freelance writer, Web developer, amateur radio operator (KB6NU), Rotarian
Freelance writer, Web developer, amateur radio operator (KB6NU), Rotarian

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Anyone having problems using an Echo Dot with a Mac with a Magic (Bluetooth) Mouse? Whenever the Dot is active, for example when it's responding to a question or playing music, the Magic Mouse on my Mac acts erratically, making it all but unusable. When the Dot goes back to standby mode, the mouse resumes normal operation. Any suggestions on what I might try to do here?

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If you do freelance work, can you post your availability here?

(btw, I do freelance WP work, and I'm available.)

Great idea for a community. Love the photo, too. :)

Anyone use a pen tablet? I am looking at buying one in order to make some simple, hand-drawn diagrams for my Extra Class amateur radio license study guide.

Wacom looks like the big player, but other companies make ones that are less expensive. Are they worth the extra bucks?

What does Salman Khan use for his Khan Academy lectures?

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I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago for ten bucks at the local Urban Outfitters. It was the last one they had, squirreled away on the clearance shelf.

Yesterday, I made my first donuts. They turned out better than I had expected! It really was pretty easy to whip up a couple dozen mini-donuts.

Are you a professional that uses oscilloscopes? Want to blog about them? If so, I'd like to talk to you. I'm now the editor of a new website that will cover the latest developments in oscilloscopes, oscilloscope design, and oscilloscope applications.

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Know anyone that wants to be a #hamradio operator? I'm teaching a class here in Ann Arbor, MI in two weeks.

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Decades later, I still do have this dream. :)
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