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Today, word-of-mouth involves computers. This means metadata is more important than ever in defining how authors and books are described and discovered in today’s book marketplace.

Kathy Meis shares with us what meta data is, why it is important and how you can leverage it to sell more books.
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What's one marketing tactic that's working well for you?

Good Morning Google+

Hey all,

Wow, has it been that long since we last chatted?!?  Yeah, too long, but I'm looking forward to renewing our connections.

What have you been up to lately?

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Your Thoughts...

Thinking about a business name change for my current marketing company.

Tell me what feel / think when you read the following as a business name:

The Manaher Group
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Sidepreneurs Periscope LIVE Event in 50 Minutes

I'm LIVE streaming my podcast recording today on Periscope at 3:55 pm EST and would love to have you participating in the conversation.  I'll get you involved in the show as much as possible with a new Q&A session for our guest.

Just a couple things to do... download Periscope App on your IOS device, search for Sidepreneurs and follow  to get a notification when the LIVE Stream starts.  I'll start this LIVE stream 5 minutes before the guest gets on so we can get things rocking ahead of time.

We will also host a LIVE chat on Twitter to field questions for our guest found here: (note a new link will be live at 3:56 EST - I re-purpose the same link each time I do one of these).

Alright, Periscope + Sidepreneurs + Guest * YOU = One AMAZING Podcast!

#periscope #podcast #interview  
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Periscope for Podcasting

Ok, so I just had a few AHAs about using Periscope for Podcasters and I had to share how individuals might want to use it for their podcast.

I’m on Periscope right now as I type this!

1. Connect with your audience – Talk about a genuine way to make interaction fun and exciting! I JUST met someone that listens to my podcast DAILY!!! Seriously?!? Definitely a great way to connect. I was also able to hang out 15 minutes with a bunch of other cool people I had never met. Awesome!

2. Behind the scenes – Access is such a prized thing these days… And if you let your audience know when you will stream live, you can give them that behind the scenes look they may want.

3. LIVE audience interaction… I know there are fancy applications available for use with podcasting platforms, but now you can LIVE stream your podcast while it is being recorded and where it makes sense… take audience questions. A huge opportunity if it makes sense for your format.

4. Content Development on the fly... As I write this I am able to get instant feedback from the audience about what I am writing. As I asked the audience on periscope just now… what else would you include in this post… Someone quickly had a response.

5. Lead Digits... I haven't used lead digits with my podcast yet for some crazy reason, but it instantly clicked that I could move my viewers easily by having a lead digit setup to quickly share an offer. I think +Landing Pages By LeadPages™ supports that ideas. :)

Alright, so that’s a real quick take on Periscope for Podcasters…
Oh... for those not aware... Periscope:

What do you think? How could you use Periscope?

#periscope #podcasting #podcast  
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Pinning Like It's 1999...

Alright Pinterest was not around back then, but I know, like many of us, we are not utilizing it to its fullest... Thanks +Rebekah Radice for this Action Plan for Businesses!

Read more below...

#pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing  
Get Pinning: A Sample Pinterest Action Plan for Business
Using Pinterest to market your business?

Want to grow build momentum, grow your account and drive more traffic to your website?

Here's a sample Pinterest Action Plan:

- Create 12 new boards with Pinterest board names based on keyword research – make them descriptive, optimized and enticing
- Pin 2-3 pieces of content from blog, website, Facebook and others on a daily basis
- Follow 10 relevant people and/or brands that pin similar content
- Re-pin 2-3 pieces of their content daily to increase awareness
- Design or pin eye-catching images with the possibility of “going viral”

Find more tips here:

#pinterest   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing  
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So You Want To Start Podcasting: 101 Tips, Ideas and Thoughts About Podcasting

Yeah, podcasting is hot right now... And everybody and their brother's cousin is starting one... So... after 101 episodes of Sidepreneurs, I have a few things to say about podcasting.

Listen here to my 101 tips, ideas and thoughts on podcasting:

101 tips too much?  Here are my top 10 tips, ideas and thoughts about podcasting:
1. EVERYTHING will take longer, be harder and won’t matter as much as you think it does at the time.
2. Create templates for everything!
3. Telling stories is often more compelling than sharing straight facts…. If you can tell stories while sharing facts, you will have a show worth listening to.
4. “Top guests” are often more available and willing to give you a chance than you think… Go for the top and you will be surprised.
5. Give yourself a clear idea on what your costs will be BEFORE you launch… Include in those costs, subscriptions, equipment, outsourcing, content, logos, website design, hosting, etc… This can catch you by surprise if you have not considered everything.
6. CREATE SIMPLE OFFERS… Man I wasted a TON of time trying to create complex and overly deep offers!
7. Create videos for every task you want someone else to do.
8. If you concern yourself with stats, only look 1x per day / 1 x per week
9. ASK to be on other shows to get the word out about your show!
10. BATCH EVERY Process! So, batch creating a list of potential guests... Then batch emailing them all... then batch doing the podcasts... then batch doing the edits... Batching wins all the time in my book... And as someone doing a daily podcast, your VERY survival depends on batching!

What about you?  Going to start a podcast this year?  Love to hear what you are going to start!

#podcasting #podcasttips #marketingdigital  
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Congrats to Inspire Chiropractic on their launch last week!
Originally shared by Inspire Chiropractic
Inspire Chiropractic Ribbon Cutting
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