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'“It’s more playful,” explained Patrick Chung, a Palo Alto–based venture capitalist who loves the “cowboy” vibe of his local Fry’s. “It feels like a mom-and-pop, not a corporate conglomerate.”'

Understanding customer drivers may feel risky, yet it works. Cultural attention and attitude consciousness must happen underneath the branding and strategy processes, to maintain success – this differentiates a corporation from a landmark business.

#trust #identity

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Musk reports companies using Tesla's patents…

"That means that Tesla could safely use the patents of a company using its own patents, even if said company didn’t “open-source” them since they couldn’t sue Tesla for infringement based on their agreement to use Tesla’s patents in “good faith”.

Even though to most people it would seem like a fair trade-off, such a requirement is enough to scare away plenty of corporations, especially established companies with an extensive patent portfolio. Though it would be an easier decision for smaller companies with little intellectual propriety since they would get access to an important collection of patents while giving Tesla access to only a small portfolio or even nothing."

Open sourced domain-specific research.... filling gaps, in 'basic research' [for known applications], by establishing a legal framework for private-sector collaboration -- much like "copy-left" in the software world.

This could prove a big step toward innovative infrastructure to come, like [neighborhood] recumbent bicycle lines and cable cars of varying carrying capacities.

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An anecdote emphasizing that organizational design comprised a great portion of Steve Jobs' demonstrated skill set. (organizing Apple by function rather than product- either starting or helping start this corp. paradigm shift)

'For one, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella is getting groups from across the company to collaborate on HoloLens projects rather than working in fiefdoms. He's also introducing the computing platform early to companies from a variety of industries to develop specialized applications that could be ready at the outset.'

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A perspective of cultural personalities creating clothing, and their challenges with 'large scale'-only markets

11/2016- And a slightly different approach – quality and local.

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amazing to see a non-profit foundation taking the lead in browsing technology, over an industry and market-leading private company such as Google or others....

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"America is in the beginning phases of a revolution. No longer are we looking for mass-produced foods. We are looking towards a healthier lifestyle."

More demand-side leading - celebrities again showing initiative. 

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neymar, cristiano... meet digital-video effects

Another article, from a few months ago – the author was down on IBM – mentioned how Apple had only two people on their IBM desk.

Rule of thumb: the stronger the position a party takes on any given issue, the less one should trust it.

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"you can't get to a good place in a bad way." - Navajo saying (?)

+ my friend Ebenezer, in Garden Cities of To-morrow

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Big-box retailers- the next dinosaurs in an era of renovation.

If Amazon wasn't enough, the "premium" market will cramp big box retail, ironically by winning on COST.

Historically, Walmart decimated small retailers by consolidating and reducing prices. Then enter Amazon, which applied the same principles to the Walmart market.

Finally, we have the rise of specialty stores, which do 'Walmart' better - consolidate products around markets of interest, rather than bringing all of Walmart's offerings to everyone.

--> This reduces the distances customers have to travel to find products of their preference; this also speeds retrieval times in-store **, and improves the opportunities for unplanned or discretionary sales.

examples: REI, your walkable neighborhood grocer or winestore, ...etc.

The security and informational advantages to-come offered by Apple Pay will allow marginal sellers to thrive with boosts coming from areas that typically challenge them: discovery and security/transparency [and by implication: confidence].

edit: PSFK on the future of RETAIL-

** "(VPS) will ... guide users right to the item they are looking for inside the store" -- —(edit 5/23/17)
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