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Tony Thomas
Linux/Unix SysAdmin (geek)
Linux/Unix SysAdmin (geek)

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Green Bay's Offense = 

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Changeling clone with copper/stainless mini kayfun, topped with copper/glass muffler tip.

All cobbled together from Slowtech, but I think it looks great.

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In honor of World Cup (and my undying love for Kung Fu movies of all sorts), I'm watching Shaolin Soccer  That is all...  

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So... Supreme Douchebaggerishness happened at my job today
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Hcigar Nemesis clone, Fasttech Russian with smoke tank and hybrid adapter. Empty from Vaporia Blueberry on triple twisted 32ga 1ohm goodness. #handcheck 

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They could always just use the North Side of Flint. Pretty empty/vacant around there anyway.

Oh, wait...people might steal the cars. Never mind. Carry on.

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I know dude is so much more than this (although I'm in love with the beat), but why the fuck do I now want to see +Reggie Watts do a collabo with Bizarre from D12?

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We went tubing for my birthday! Who says being a winter baby has to suck. 
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So, I'm 40 today (yay!, not really), my memory isn't what it used to be, so I'll have to start get better at documenting my personal projects.

Note to self: Start using github for web site configs + shell scripts, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel every time I rebuild a box or switch providers.

Note #2: pick a distro for VPS servers and stick with it. Debian you say? OK, it's settled. Now, where to host that repo for free? OBS maybe? Dammit. But, but... I LOVE Arch even though it's not usable for OpenVZ. It'll be okay. (Keep telling yourself that).

Note #3: Convert the blog to something useful (goodbye, Wordpress), and actually use the damn thing to keep track of what I'm up to.

Note #4: Get back to G+. You know you miss those guys.
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