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Some interesting views from a Google heavyweight
Tim O'Reilly originally shared:
I'm intrigued by +Chris Sacca's tweets: Google+ remains too much work for me. Engagement is high as a content producer. But as a content consumer, it's really hard to peruse.


Every threaded Google+ post has 10 clickable action calls not even counting the content, avatars, and handles. Facebook 6. Twitter 5.

I think he's right that it's too complex. Twitter has the advantage that it started ultra-simple and grew complexity (thinking of John Gall: "A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system.")

That being said, I don't think Google+ is over the line of complexity. I think it's close enough to right that some tweaks will make it easier to use and consume.

I do think that the fact that you can't have threaded discussions on Twitter is a feature, an important one. The fact that Google+ lets you write posts like this makes it intrinsically harder to use. But hey, Facebook shows us that that isn't over the complexity barrier for people. I think it's going to work.

The main thing I want is tighter integration of other services. I want to be able to email stuff into G+, a la posterous. I want to be able to "retweet." I want to be able to gateway my tweets and expand on them (that would be killer for me, if I could just automatically send over a tweet, then write a bit more commentary and backstory.) So those are new features, to be added.
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¿Conoces la relación entre tus dos ojos? Ellos parpadean juntos, se mueven juntos, lloran juntos, ven las cosas juntos y duermen juntos. Aunque nunca, puedan verse el uno al otro... la amistad debe ser exactamente así! Estamos en la semana mundial del mejor amigo. ¿Quién es tu mejor amigo? Envía este a todos tus mejores amigos. Lo mismo que a mí, si soy uno de ellos. Ve cuántos recibirás de vuelta. Si recibes más de 3, entonces eres realmente una persona cautivadora ¡Campaña! Los amigos también dicen: TE QUIERO MUCHO...


1. Elimine los números que no son esenciales. Esto incluye la edad , el peso y la altura..
Deje que los médicos se preocupen de eso.

2. Conserve sólo los amigos divertidos. Los depresivos tiran para abajo.
(Recuerde esto si es uno de estos depresivos!)

3. Aprenda siempre:
Aprenda más sobre computadoras, artes, jardinería, o lo que sea. No deje que su cerebro se vuelva perezoso.
'Una mente perezosa es la oficina del Alemán.' Y el nombre del Alemán es Alzheimer!

4. Aprecie más las pequeñas cosas

5. Ría muchas veces , durante mucho tiempo y muy alto. Ría hasta que le falte el aire.
Y si tiene un amigo que le hace reír, pase mucho y mucho tiempo con él / ella!

6. Cuando las lágrimas aparecieran
Aguante, sufra y supérelo.
La única persona que se queda con nosotros toda la vida somos nosotros mismos.
VIVA mientras esté vivo.

7. Rodéese de las cosas que ama:
La familia, animales, plantas, hobbies, o lo que sea.
Su hogar es su refugio.

8.. Cuide su salud:
Si es buena, manténgala.
Si es inestable, mejórela.
Si no consigue mejorarla , busque ayuda.

9. No haga viajes de culpa. Viaje al centro comercial, a un país diferente,
NO donde haya culpa

10. Dígale a las personas que ama que las ama en cada oportunidad.

Y si no les manda esto a por lo menos cuatro personas, a quien le importa?
Serán solo menos de cuatro personas que dejarán de sonreir al ver un mensaje suyo.
Pero si puede por lo menos compártalo con alguien!


Un abrazooooooo ..................
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Andrew Widgery

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Top 100 most connected here on Google+ makes interesting reading
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**** originally shared:
I'll buy google someday
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Learn from a Master of technology Bill Gates how to use Circles
Robert Scoble originally shared:
Oh, Google+ has a problem. If you start a full-on blog post from a Share of someone else's post, it isn't collapsable or sharable. Sorry about that.

So, here's my tips for Google+ new users:

My tips for newer users of Google+:

1. Learn what circles are and how to put people into them. When I first started out I went crazy with circles, opening up something like 20 of them. That wasn't very smart, it turned out. Now I'm back to seven. Simple ones like "friends, family, coworkers, geeks, VCs, tech press." Etc.

2. Learn how to distribute content to circles, or public, or certain people. When you post here you don't need to send it to everyone. You can send it just to people you've put in a specific circle, like "friends" or you can send it to a specific person, like me.

2b: Learn not to use your home feed as your main place to visit. Start a circle called "my home circle." Now when you add people you can add them to multiple circles, but if you don't want to see someone everyday you can keep them out of your home circle (unfortunately if you follow people they will always be on your actual main feed).

3. Find a few "seed followers" that you like to follow. Then look at who they are following. You'll find lots more people to follow that way. For instance, I'm following 3,200 geeks, including most of the execs, tech press, VCs, etc. If those kinds of people float your boat, look through my list and pick and choose who you also want to follow.

4. Remember, posts with photos or video do better than just text posts, so see if you can figure out how to get other media in here.

5. If someone gets too noisy, let's cover how to handle that.

A. Too many posts. Sometimes you'll follow someone like +Chris Pirillo who posts a lot. What I've done with those folks, is put them into a "Noisy buttheads" circle. That way they don't pollute all your other circles, although they still will show up on your home feed. Feel free to put me in that circle for now.

B. Too many comments on some posts. Some posts will go viral here. It won't just happen to me. For instance, it might happen to you now that I've pushed you into 33,000 people's view by resharing your post (more on that in a second). If this happens to just one post, you can click the drop-down-menu over to the right of a post and choose "mute." You'll never see that post again. This is a good way to get rid of some things that are cluttering up your feed.

C. Consistently high engagement noise (there are already about 50 people who are consistently getting high engagement, folks like me, Trey Ratcliff, Leo Laporte, etc etc) and for us you just need to segregate us into our own circle. Or just put up with that kind of noise (I enjoy engaging in a lot of rapid-fire comments).

6. Turn off email notifications, or learn to filter them with Gmail's filters. I have turned them off. Too much email, too fast, especially if you get hit by one of the whales here (sorry for hitting you on the first day).

7. Setup your profile and make sure it's hyper complete. Look at mine at and then go set yours up at (I've spent a lot of time on mine).

8. Try to talk about something other than Google+. Try to say what you'll be doing with this. Post something original. Or, start a good debate about something that you care about. Etc. I'm really trying to do this because I'm getting bored with talking about Google+, but I see a lot of new people coming in here, so wanted to write down my thoughts based on my first 13 days.

9. Try using keyboard. J moves down. K moves up. I'm sure there's others coming.

10. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, there are a bunch of extensions you should try:

11. Learn how resharing works. For instance, I took your original post and reshared it with my audience. Right now that causes some duplication noise (folks following both of us will see your post twice, once from you, once reshared from me) and there will be separate comments under both. Fragmentation is gonna be a problem until Google fixes that here. But resharing is how things are getting very viral. For instance, I just reshared your item with 33,000 people. Now, what if 10% of those reshared it with THEIR audiences? This is why things get crazy very quickly.

Anyway, that's some things. I'm sure you'll hear lots of other advice today. Have fun and looking forward to seeing what you post here.
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Agreed. I'm not yet finding Google+ as intuitive as other social media I use though, and therefore don't use it to the same level as I do twitter (for business) or facebook (for personal). It is interesting to observe that Google+ is really effective in reconnecting me with former Ecademy contacts! I guess we've all been around the social networking scene for so long that it was bound to be so. And I had to recognise that others didn't have Google+ invites, so I've done a lot of inviting in the past couple of days which may impact on my usage of Google+ in the weeks to come...
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Bradley, you and your team are extraordinary!
Rohit Khare originally shared:
We’ve been listening to feedback from our users who want more flexible ways to find their friends on Google+. One of the most flexible tools is an address book uploader, and I wanted to share the good news that it will be rolling out to everyone over the next few days.

Many email systems— and even some social networks — put users in charge of their own data by helping them export their contacts in the standard CSV or vCard formats.

One thing about our uploader is that we won’t mix your imported contacts up with all of your other Google Contacts. We only store the ones that you put into your Circles.

We’re hoping our new address book uploader helps users discover new ways to find their friends. As always, keep the feedback coming, and thanks for using Google+!
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Can you imagine millions of users uploading their contacts and even though the system stores only those email addresses that feature in a user's circles, Google+ will have the biggest global list of contacts of anyone - ever!!
Given user databases have set the value of many businesses, Bebo, SKYPE, e-Bay etc; - just imagine the "value add" to Google+ - can anyone guess?
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**** originally shared:
Iphone 8
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Are there tools to import our LinkedIn contacts
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Group Director for broadcasting in Real Time bands and solo artists, speakers over the Internet + Sporting events too
Management, delivery of services,
    Group Director, 2011 - present
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    Commercial director, 1999 - 2002
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Basic Information
REAL TIME TV Internet broadcasting, MUSIC promoter, Global reach, Connector, social media, all things sports and fitness, wonderful family, 4 daughters
I love people; I love connecting people to ideas to the good and benefit of all I can reach.
core process is "Inspiring success" and I still find it fascinating when I look back at my working life, the roles I have really excelled in were all around inspiring success in others.
So that's why I like to be active in anything that does just that as I know it will give me the greatest rewards but that doesn't always relate to financial ones - that's OK.
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On *every occasion I or one of my family have had occasion to use their services, the quality of their work has been excellent, their price competitive and the manner in which they conduct their business exemplary. Can't fault them and come highly recommended.
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We had the most marvellous Sunday lunch there today with 10 of us. The menu suited all of our tastes, the food was fabulous, the service excellent, the ambience so appealing and the private dining room off the side of the main restaurant area perfect for our big reunion of two families. Thank you, we will return of that I am sure
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