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Tara Tyler R
published author of action adventures in sci fi, fantasy, and more! come have some fun!
published author of action adventures in sci fi, fantasy, and more! come have some fun!

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Battling the Winter Blues
Are you ready for Spring? We had a teaser of spring this week, got to 75 one day! My boys were happy to get outside. But cold weather is around the corner, so it's not quite time for shorts yet. Well, here are a few ways to squelch the Winter Blues... (from...

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#Writer's Life Survey 4 - WIP
Is it Spring yet? Is February the longest shortest month of the year or what? Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day - it's great for chocolate anyway, right? Before we get to the survey, wanted to give a shout out to Patricia Lynne and congratulate her o...

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Getting Old Ain't So Bad - If You're Sassy!
Hi-ya. Me again. Back for my final fling as this week's guest blogger. And today... anything goes! Woo-HOO! So what are we gonna talk about? Something you've all heard about before, I'm sure... those dreaded midlife crises.  You know, that time of life when...

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Writerly #News and Starving for #Reviews
Wow, this is going to be BIG! When I only post twice a month, the news piles up! But first... A HUGE THANK YOU!! I thoroughly enjoyed my Cradle Rock Release Party because it really got me back out to visit my friends and make new ones! Thanks for the tremen...

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Sassy Health Tips
Hi-ya. So here I am again. Still a bit saggy... although personally, I prefer to think of it as more of a relaxed fit... and hopefully, still sassy and savvy enough to provide you with some worthwhile wellness tips. Some of these may be old-hat to you, some...

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Handy Dandy Sassy Tips
I know you're going to enjoy this week's guest, the super sassy Susan Swiderski! It's a real honor to be here with y'all today, but before I share some appropriate (and okay... some in appropriate) handy-dandy tips with you, I feel it is my civic duty to is...

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I can't believe I SURVIVED!
"This is Chrys Fey reporting for Disaster 5 News. I am in West Palm Beach, Florida where a tsunami hit yesterday morning. I have Tara Tyler with me, a survivor of the tsunami. Tara, can you tell our viewers what happened, and how you survived?" "Well, I'm a...

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s my last day here at the TRRH and I am so grateful for the time spent. Talking with women, with real people who connect over similar experiences, or even just emotions, this is the kind of stuff that I love. Today, I want to intro...

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Happy is the First Step to Healthy
Hello again! Thank you all for having me back. It’s confession time, Ladies. I don’t cook. At all. Sometimes, I think about learning, watch Giada or the Ranch woman with red hair whose always making something yummy, and I think, I got this. And then reality...

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#WritersLife #Survey 3! - Getting Creative
I have only two stops left on my Cradle Rock Release Party blog tour, C. Lee McKenzie (1/16) and Crystal Collier (1/25) Woot! It's been a hoot! Now, I'd like to continue my search for answers - Writers' answers to Writerly questions! Here's #WritersLife Sur...
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