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Brian Niemeier
2016 Campbell Award finalist. Author of Souldancer, winner of the first Dragon Award for Best Horror Novel.
2016 Campbell Award finalist. Author of Souldancer, winner of the first Dragon Award for Best Horror Novel.


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"The Last Jedi" is a Dumpster Fire- Don't See It!
As of this post, the only people loving this film are shills, fools, and folks under contract with Disney or Lucasfilm. The rest of the world sees this film for the steaming pile of shit that it is. They don't know how bad it really is, something I'll go on...

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Disappointed with Mouse Wars? Want to see where they stole a lot of their tropes, but done way better, over a generation before Lucas released the original film? Here you go!

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The Last Jedi Is a Con
Film critic Steven Greydanus reviews The Last Jedi  for The National Catholic Register . Before we dig in, a reminder: You were warned. Greydanus begins conventionally enough with the sorts of bland compliments you'd expect from any film reviewer who wants ...

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Steven Greydanus sees The Last Jedi for what it is.

"The Last Jedi could even be called a critique of heroism itself, at least in the swashbuckling mode of past movies.

"The dramatic action in Star Wars has generally been structured around various heroic challenges calling for bold action and derring-do: rescuing the princess, confronting the villain and blowing up or shutting down the bad guys’ stuff (Death Stars, tractor beams, shield generators, droid control ships, etc.).

"The Last Jedi subverts this by repeatedly making such heroic gambits the wrong move — especially when male characters are in favor of bold action and female characters aren’t."

And that is ultimately the reason these movies are trash.

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RIP Baen's short story anthologies.

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Galaxy Rangers
Recently while messing around on YouTube I stumbled across an old animated series I hadn't seen since childhood. Chances are you don't remember The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers , and that's a shame, because the show was truly groundbreaking for its time...

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Amazon Ghettos
Following my recent posts about how the fundamental realities of publishing have changed in the new Amazon/indie-dominated landscape , a reader passed along a number of eye-opening revelations about how authors and publishers are unintentionally consigning ...

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"If you are sick of today’s portrayals of men as bumbling idiots, of fathers as incompetents, of masculinity as “toxic” then I invite you to send us your best story featuring men at their best.

"We want…

Stories showing the masculine virtues in a positive light.
Stories that introduce or reintroduce young men to the manly virtues.
Stories that pay homage to men and masculinity.

"Well-crafted, immersive stories (no present tense) in all genres (except horror) are welcome, but the manly virtue can’t depend on a speculative element, i.e. magic or superpowers do not make the man. You can have magic. You can have a superhero. But that’s not what makes him a man. It’s not what defines masculinity. "

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Sanderson's Law
Authors are just as prone to cognitive dissonance when received wisdom about the publishing industry is challenged, as this series of tweets demonstrates. That tweet is not a statement of personal preference or opinion. It is based on objective market data....
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