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AstroCryptoTriviology is moving
Please continue to follow me at my new location: It is active now. All my new blog posts will be there, but all of the old ones will both remain accessible here and will be re-posted there. There will also be new features, includi...

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A Jones for MOL #11: The Retroactivity of MOL (Part 1)
I am not trained in orbital mechanics,
also called “astrodynamics,” as practiced by Rich Purnell in the movie The Martian . But I feel some kinship
with him because, except for his youthful good looks, his grasp of extreme
mathematics and his access to the ...

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This on-line app was helpful in removing backgrounds from images with little training (some trial-and-error required).

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Please check out my collection of vintage Soviet space posters, complete with my helpful statistics and pithy comments.

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Space will be ours! Golden Collection of Soviet space posters.
Space will be ours! Golden Collection of Soviet space posters, Moscow, CONTACT-CULTURE Publishing House, 2012 I received this collection from my colleague, Professor Inessa B. Kozlovskaya of the Institute of Medico-Biological Problems, of the Russian Academ...

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Here is a brief article by Dr. Bill Carpentier and me describing his participation in the Gemini program as a recovery physician willing to jump from the helicopter to aid stricken astronauts. Luckily it never came to that. This was submitted for consideration for the next NASA History Newsletter.

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William R. Carpentier, M.D., and John B. Charles, Ph.D. In September 2015, Bill Carpentier and I submitted this brief article to the NASA History Newsletter for consideration for inclusion in the 2015 year-end issue dedicated to Project Gemini. In January 1...

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The all-too-frequent misunderstanding of Orion's role in an eventual Mars mission has long baffled and bothered me. This article is my attempt to clarify the situation. 

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Going Nuts in Orion to Mars?
The successful Orion test flight in
early December focused attention on the Orion capsule’s role in future NASA
missions beyond low earth orbit. Much of the discussion on the Internet has
dealt with the necessity of Orion at all, and whether it could be rep...

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Here is a blog post on a fun little topic in space history where art influenced reality and vice versa. Feedback welcomed.
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