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Lev Leiderman
בהחלט הצפון הרבה יותר נחמד מהמרכז, ממליץ לכולם :)
בהחלט הצפון הרבה יותר נחמד מהמרכז, ממליץ לכולם :)

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i had to import a lot of watchfaces in one time so i used the script and it looks that it worked but when i try to setup a watchface it's show the preview "broken".. can i fix that some how?

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afree the update ro tizen 3 i have lots of problems, facer is crushing the same way as watchmaker.

i cant use the app any.more and cant use the watchfaces would help please?
i tried to reset the watch and uninstall evrything and re install the apps on the watch and on the phone and still nothing :(

the app on the watch crushed like 1000000 times sincse the last update!!!

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can some one make this watch please?

hi guys,
can some one make a Mitsubish Lancer watchface?

thanks alot !

hi guys, do you must use samsung designer to use the watchfaces that are publish here?

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כרטיס זכרון 64 גיגה
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