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Carolyn DeVito (Rev. Carolyn DeVito)
Interfaith Minister, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master
Interfaith Minister, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master


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to you, guru
true guru is "one who dispels the darkness of ignorance" by revealing
the God(dess) that dwells within all things. To anyone who even for one
moment revealed the majesty of their own or another's existence, I bow
to you with gratitude and wish you a...
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A mason jar bouquet is usually enough for aching loneliness to
recreate itself back to god, or love, or whatever you'd like to call it. But to be sure, here are a few more. Flowers grow and so
we may distribute them to the dead to bring them back to life,...
Everything's Sacred
Everything's Sacred
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Shamu the devotee
The hopeful soul, sitting to meditate the hour with the hope of resolution is like Shamu the whale venturing out of SeaWorld expecting that the Ocean will be similarly impressed and responsive to her well preformed trick. Maybe. Go, venture out to your unta...
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days I am just throwing pennies in a well, some days I'm making wishes,
certain in belief that if we all wished on it together it must come
true, some days my wish is to believe and so my offering is like a
prayer, a rendering and a wide look into ...
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take your love watered down when you can take it straight. Don't you
know, instead of screaming at walls you could be singing to the stars
right now and certain you can feel your lover approaching, from steps
away to arrive at the perfect moment ...
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Opportunity to grow
Every so often, there comes an opportunity to prove to yourself, merrily
by way of continuing on, that you're far more invested in persisting
despite the inconvenience of any circumstance or emotional reality. You
can take the opportunity or you somehow...
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What I would say if my daughter was gay
Baby, I can't say that
I've ever been one to put two and two together. Or to even know the
difference between one and one because, baby; I don't know if you know
but I've been a fan of this one and that one myself. So, this all sound
right and good to m...
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star burst
This morning I feel a new universe within me ready to explode like a
star just wished on and truly believed in. Maybe that was god, in the
beginning, the first to believe so much in the bettering of everything
as to wish so hard that she herself broke o...
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Sometimes I can trace a feeling like a kite string soaring up into the
clouds or a line plunging into the depths of the sea. Only so far, only
so far, and then.... I wonder at it, where it would take me, if I would
follow through the unclear, uncertain....
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Trust Transforms
Wherever trust is strong, there is still a kind of magic, a shift, a
moon-tide pull. Because I'm here, I'm here, and I can't help but change
the course of things with my being. Let us shift, to accommodate, and
let us trust in accommodation. Pull as the ...
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