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Dr. Ross Wirth
Support and motivation for those leading change in Themselves, their Organization, and their Community.
Support and motivation for those leading change in Themselves, their Organization, and their Community.

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I just put the finishing touches on my first online course “Leading change – Getting started with a Philosophy of Change.” This is the first of a series of courses to provide just-in-time training for those facing the need to manage an organizational change initiative.

Free access is currently available at so I can get some feedback on how I can further improve the content delivery and help organizations through their change initiatives. Please feel free to forward this link to others who may be interested in leading organizational change. (After the initial free access, a $0.99 3-month trial subscription is available at )

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Great example of Appreciative Inquiry in practice.

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The idea for this post came to me while contemplating why I sometimes embrace change and other times resist.

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Potential for disruption from crowdsourcing education on public LMS platforms?
am sure everyone reading this post has followed the public attention given to
MOOCs over the last few years.   Also
getting significant recognition are Kahn Academy and other Open Education Resources
(OER) initiatives supported with foundation grants.  ...

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Finding new revenue
A recent
article in University Business focused on some of the ways colleges are finding new revenue.   A sampling from the article includes:   -           For
some, summer school is a way to take advantage of unused campus facilities,
especially if the cam...

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Starting a new discussion group for the consideration of how higher education might evolve.

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The Expanding Network of Global Flows
by Dr. Souren Soumbatiants      Program Chair, Business Economics      Franklin University The McKinsey
Global Institute (MGI) has recently published a report on the evolution of the
goods and services, financial, electronic and people’s flows over the last...

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Porter vs. Christensen – a battle of opposing theories
A recent
NY Times article discussed an interesting situation as Harvard Business School
moves away from the edX MOOC model of online education to a new “pre-MBA”
program of four online courses that are intended to give liberal arts students some
fluency in ...

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New view of Student Segmentation
“traditional” versus “non-traditional” segmentation has been around for a while
and is starting to show its age when attempting to understand why students
enroll for a college education.   A new report
“The Differentiated University” expands student seg...

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DAVID: Vocation and reinvention in Liberal Arts Colleges” is a collection of
essays on disruption in higher education.   While written by people associated with Lutheran liberal arts schools,
the topic transcends that base to all of higher educatio...
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