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In a Cavaliers-Bulls postseason history ripe with big moments, LeBron James and Co. delivered one of their gutsiest performances Sunday to bring the series home tied 2-2.

HEAR John Michael’s UNFORGETTABLE #CavsRadio call:
WITNESS Quicken Loans Arena’s reaction:

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Now he can taste his synthetic crap! 

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Its certainly been a stormy september on the +VisitGoldCoast  region lately. This time of year is storm season in the eastern parts of Australia and runs thru till february. Its a great sight to see if your a storm lover. I was close to being  struck by lightning last year while shooting in the mountains. You have to be so careful.
This is Kirra lookout on the southern part of the #goldcoast  as we caught a spectacular #sunset  after the storm passed through.
Hope you all are having a great tuesday and will see you all tomorrow.
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#StunningMoment +Stunning Moment 

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#showyourbestwork +ShowYourBestWork by +Britta Rogge

#hqsplandscape , +HQSP Landscape 

#CoastalThursday +Coastal Thursday curated by +David Polzine & +Jon Kahn

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I can't wait .

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Go Indians

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Having a good #Mazda2sday? +Pirelli  #WorldChallenge  driver Ernie Francis, Jr., celebrated early by winning all three of last weekend's season-debut TCB-class races in his #Mazda2 , against 20 B-Spec rivals from Mini, Honda, Ford, and Fiat. 

The kicker? Ernie Jr. is 15 years old and out-drove his dad, Ernie Sr., to win each round. Something tells us Sr.'s OK with this ;-)

#Mazda   #Mazda2   #PWC   #COTA   #BSpec   #RoadRacing   #Winning   #TheMazdaWay   #NeverStopChallenging  

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My love lol.
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