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ASSETT at the University of Colorado
ASSETT advances the teaching mission of CU through technology leadership
ASSETT advances the teaching mission of CU through technology leadership

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Help make the Google map of CU better!
Calling all students in the U.S. and Canada!

Have you ever wished that you knew the fastest route from the dormitory to your geography class across campus? Do you want a great way to help your roommate finally discover the library before midterms? Now is the perfect time to form a team and ensure that your university map is up to date using Google Map Maker ( This month we are kicking off the first ever Map Your University 2012 competition!

From February 13th until March 9, 2012, Google invites students studying in the United States and Canada to become local heroes by updating and adding detail to their campus maps for viewing in Google Maps and Google Earth. Adding everything from walking paths to university buildings and local businesses will help students and visitors alike when trekking across your college grounds. Winners will be selected based on the thoroughness and accuracy of mapping in and around campus, and a brief personal statement. Fabulous prizes include Android tablets and phones, GPS devices, Google Map Maker messenger bags, t-shirts and more!

For more information, visit the contest homepage: The winning team will be announced in early April. Good luck, and happy mapping!

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I've used a Kinect to play games on friends' Xboxes, but people have been doing amazing things with these devices in so many fields. Hopefully official support for using these on a PC will increase the number of cool projects we see. - Grant

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If there's one toy I love more than any other, it's Lego. I wish it had been a part of more of my classes. - Grant

So you've probably noticed our Teaching Technology Assistants (TTA) posting some interesting tech articles, but you probably don't know what TTA's are. A TTA is a student employee here at ASSETT who is comfortable with technology and interested in learning more about technology. Have an interesting idea for an in-classroom technology? Share it with us and our TTA's will look into it for you!

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Over the 5 years I have used Facebook, it has undergone massive changes. Some for good, others that were pure stupidity. -Peter, Teaching Technology Assistant (TTA)

"One of many signs that the USA is fading: Our Super-conducting Supercollider, which was cancelled by Congress in the early 1990s, would have been 3X the energy of the current Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Now our particle physicists stand on the Atlantic shores, look across the ocean, and long for the frontier that was once theirs."
Neil Tyson

Q:"What do you believe will be the biggest technical innovation within the next 20 years and why?"
A:"These are always hard to predict. Who would have thought 20 years ago that the smart phone would out-perform every handheld device ever portrayed in a science fiction story, even those taking place centuries into our future. With that caveat, I'd say machine-brain implants that connect the internet directly to our neurophysiology. That'll be fun. Perhaps then we can beat Watson on Jeopardy."
Neil Tyson
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