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OMFG! just let me get over it already!
Because of what you did to me when I was young; You let my mother down, you let me down and you will never get to be a grandpa to your grandchildren.. Its a very sad and lonely existence you have there if you don't mind me saying. I don't wish you harm, but...

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I'm over it.. I need to once again let go of the people in my past.
If anyone you know, say, a family member, is "close friends" with a known molester of his own toddler to teenage girl would you still talk to them?  Would you care about anything in their world? Or would you just let it all go and be over it all? Try to for...

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A letter I want to send to someone who is trying to be my friend after the fact
Does anyone know what being molested by your real dad for 11 years does to you????  I'm 40 and people from my past who are children of the man who still claims to be friends with him still talk to me in times that I need to not be bothered. You think that y...
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