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Laura Howard
Coordinator of Instructional Technology for San Angelo ISD
Coordinator of Instructional Technology for San Angelo ISD

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I have a teacher using google classroom and she wants to be able to schedule an assignment when multiple classes are getting the assignment. When she tries to schedule, it's grayed out. She said this feature used to be available, but now it isn't. Any ideas?

I have a teacher that created a google form for her English class. She created an assignment in google classroom and then added a link to the form inside the assignment. Some students could access it and others couldn't. They were all signed in to their classroom account so they were using their school account. (she had it restricted to people in her organization). Any ideas? I'm stumped.

I want to put together a GAFE academy for campus administrators. Anyone have ideas on what I should cover? I only have 1 day and I want to make sure I give them things they can go back and use immediately.

We have had several students get the error message - trying to connect, to edit offline turn on offline sync when you reconnect. It's not all students and it's not all the time. Can someone tell me what's happening?

My students aren't able to access Classroom from home - is there a setting I'm missing?

I have two teachers using Google Classroom and their students have started getting a message that the app in unavailable. It doesn't happen every time, but at least 50% of the class is getting this message. Any ideas on what could be the problem?
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