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When you need somebody...
When you need somebody...


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Booyah !

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Lg nitro p930, lightering zap kernel

Is branch kitkat-caf deprecated ? The manifest is using android-4.4.2_r2  as the default revision which is causing compile errors..

kk-caf branch fails to compile atm frameworks base needs merges from september 17 (All of them) slimroms 

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Any reason why platform manifest on branch kk4.4-caf is missing qcom/audio-caf, qcom/media-caf,qcom/display-caf ? thx

Noticed for my device that if I have enabled Buttons->Playback control. That my phone never enters a deep sleep. The Android system->AudioMix keeps waking the device. Just curious if anyone else is seeing the same ?

The "Build Validus" link should point to currently it points to platform_manifest... Of course this may be intentional to weed out some undesirables ;-)

I'll start the ball rolling with a build for LG nitro hd (p930) 
Powered with a  3.4.0 kernel from miroslav.

Is there a spot to share unofficial builds in this community ? Have a build for the LG Nitro (p930) 

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Trying out build for lg nitro, so far very good...
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