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Dave Miller
Suburban husband/dad/geek, pushing 50
Suburban husband/dad/geek, pushing 50

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I really wish tax preparation software would drop the "When can you expect your refund" verbiage from notification emails when it knows perfectly well that you just wrote the IRS a huge check.

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Stable wormholes! Stable wormholes! Stable wormholes!

OK, now that that's out of the way, I'm really interested to see where this goes.

#TheExpanse cliffhanger prediction: Miller's ghost.

What the hell, +Google+​? I can no longer share posts to a "You only" collection? This was my perfect tool to save interesting posts in order to act on them later.

First week on the new job is over, and my brain is full.

Also, my sleep habits over my "between jobs" period were worse than I realized. It seems you need more rest when you're actually working all day. I am beat!

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Completely serious here: I honestly can't listen to Trump very long, just because the way he speaks drives me up a wall. That said, I never got the impression that he is explicitly anti-LGBTQ. I'd love to see some clear examples of him saying he would attempt to roll back LGBTQ progress. That's really more the straight Republican platform, and I think we can all agree Trump is anything but a normal Republican.

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So much yes...

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with job listing sites' inability to distinguish between "Build Engineer" and "Building Engineer".

Dewey Defeats Truman

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I'm confused. A man presents identification with a photograph of a person of a different gender, and perhaps a familial resemblance, and it's discrimination to conclude that they're not the same person? For cryin' out loud, the whole point of being transgender is that you feel your outward appearance doesn't represent your internal experience.

This is clearly a case of someone taking offense at something that was blatantly benign. There should be no surprise if your ID is rejected because multiple aspects of it don't match the person presenting it.
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