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In 20 minutes I no longer work at Black Smith Signs.
To Infinity and Beyond.

I hadn't viewed The Big Lebowski in a few years and decided to give it a go on Sunday evening.  Beyond its careful architecture and high level of hilarity, it seems to be a comprehensive guide on usage of the F-word.  As reported by the mostly unreliable internet, the F-bomb is dropped 263 times in the film (I guessed 300).  If I saw a 10 year old failing to use the F-word properly I would suggest to him a viewing of the Coen Brothers opus.  In my defense I would assume that since he already is familiar with the word that he is morally defunct.  The boobs and heavy drug use in the picture wouldn't push him directly to a life of crime. Don't anyone else suggest the same action though, I wouldn't want to be held responsible if this hypothetical becomes a tangible.

1 week ago today, due to unrelenting work related stress, I incidentally made up 2 jokes (most likely as a mental defense mechanism):

Q: What did the fast karate guy say to the slow karate guy?
A: Chop Chop

Q: What is the vegan sparrow's favorite food?
A: A sparrow Gus...
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