+Israel in Los Angeles It was such an honor to meet +Danny Ayalon in our newsroom for our Google+ hangout. We thank you for the opportunity for an open forum and a Q & A session with our viewers from all over southern california & all over the world. Hope to have you back for another hangout soon!
We do a daily hangout on Google+ giving our viewers behind the scenes access to the making of a TV news broadcast and after their interviews on set, we invite special guests to come back to the Social Media Desk with our Maria Quiban to chat with viewers.

This time though, a very special guest joined us at +myFOXla / FOX Los Angeles specifically to "hangout." Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs office connected with us to host the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, +Danny Ayalon for our audience on +Google+ and across our various social channels!

Thank you to our inter*viewers*:

+DeAno Jackson +Robert Anderson +Adrienne Graham +Kempton Lam +Jeff Zajas +Michael Tucker Daniella Ayala and Laurent Jean Phillipe.
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