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Camille Beckstrand
Build Your Blog Conference 2013 will be held February 16, 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT
Build Your Blog Conference 2013 will be held February 16, 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT

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5 Things Great Bloggers Do Everyday to be Successful Part 2
So, do you remember last week's post about the four things great bloggers do every day? Well I have a special treat for you because a very close friend of mine, Camille from Six Sisters' Stuff   gave me her tips on what she does everyday to be successful! Y...

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4 Things Great Bloggers Do Every Day
Blogging is a lot of work. There's no such thing as an overnight success just like there's no such thing as an overnight house-trained dog or a raising a responsible child overnight. Blogging takes one day at a time and you will fail times before you see so...

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Social Media Image Dimensions for 2014
So you've probably heard a lot of chatter about the importance of making sure your pictures are the correct dimensions on social media.  And recently there's been a ton of changes all a lot of social media platforms.  Experts say that by posting the correct...

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What is Pinterest’s New “Guided Search” Feature and What Does it Mean for Your Pins?
Pinterest recently rolled out their new search feature called “Guided Search” and is currently only out on mobile devices. This feature will soon be available across all of Pinterest, but what does “Guided Search” mean and why should you care? Well, it mean...

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How to Achieve World Domination, One Tweet at a Time Class Recap
If you weren't one of the lucky or privileged ones to attend Dave Guymon's class, you really missed out.  It was really funny and he is a character.  In his class he talks about how to leverage the second largest social media network to drive traffic to you...

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Photographing Objects and Rooms from Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke is a blogger, photographer, mom, foodie, and diyer from the uber cute and successful blog, Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke taught a really informative class on how to photograph objects and rooms in her class at Build Your Blog Conference.  In ...

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How to start a blog from Six Sisters' Stuff
So you want to start blogging?  Where do you start?  This is a VERY common feeling with beginner bloggers.  It can feel overwhelming when it comes to blogging. There's so many things you need to learn, consider, and do to get started.  No worries!  The Six ...

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Ad Stacking and working with Ad Media
The Six Sisters' dad, Larry and Ingrid and Katie from Taste of Home taught this really informative class on ad stacking and how to work with ad media.  Having media ads on your blog is a great way to earn money, and something to take seriously because it ca...

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Blogger Open Panel Recap
This was an open panel discussion that was full of powerful bloggers: Stephanie from Somewhat Simple , Tara from The Dating Divas , Kristen and Elyse from Six Sisters' Stuff , Cassity from Remodelaholic , and Shelley from House of Smith's .  In this class i...

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How to work with media companies and how to pitch to them from Brooke Walker and Michelle Torsak
Are you want to show your beautiful craft on the local tv, radio, Youtube channel, or with media companies in general, but you're not having any luck getting past the first email?  Host and
producer and host of the Utah lifestyle show Studio 5 , Brooke Walk...
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