9 Ways Authors Could Use Google+ to Drum Up Awareness and Sales

1.) Publish excerpts
2.) Offer "book club" hangouts.
3.) Publish 2 minute YouTube clips talking about what went into making the book.
4.) Request people to snap a photo with your book (funnier the better).
5.) Use search to find people who are talking about the topics your book covers.
6.) Post interviews of interesting people talking about the subject matter your book covers, but NOT material that's directly in the book.
7.) Post your live appearance information so that potential fans know where to find you next (+Greg Pak does this exceptionally well).
8.) Review other books that are in the same potential category as your book and suggest why they'd be a good purchase (AS WELL AS YOUR BOOK). : )
9.) Make sure your about page has links and information as to what your book covers.

How else would YOU promote your book?
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