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Jordan Hawker
Dancer, DJ, Web Developer, Commoogler, Gamer. Need I say more?
Dancer, DJ, Web Developer, Commoogler, Gamer. Need I say more?


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Hey fam! If you didn't already know, I've been working on building a Twitch stream where I regularly play different video games as entertainment for my viewers. You can find my channel here:

If you want to support me, you can do so for free using your Amazon Prime account! Even if you don't use Twitch, you have a free Twitch Prime benefit you can use to support me or any other streamer. Here's all you have to do:

1) Visit
2) Click "Enable Twitch Prime" or "Connect Your Twitch Account" (if you see the Prime free trial message)
3) Log In or Sign Up for a Twitch account (choose a login you can remember!)
4) Confirm that you want to link your Amazon account to your Twitch account
5) Once you've activated your Twitch Prime for free, visit my channel:
6) Near the top middle of the screen, under the Search bar, you should see "Subscribe" and "Follow" buttons. Click "Subscribe" and then the "Subscribe Free" button in the dropdown.

This gives you a free subscription to my channel, which pays me money per subscription to support the stream at no cost to you, since you already have Amazon Prime! You can do this once every 30 days; the subscription will not auto-renew. However, in the future you only need to visit my channel and click "Subscribe Free" again to resub! I recommend just setting a calendar reminder every 31 days if you want to stay subbed.

Thanks for your support! If you have problems, here are some help guides that you can reference:

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Ever since I found out about Ebates, I was a little skeptical if I'd ever actually make a purchase where their cash back deals would take effect. However, I eventually made some travel purchases on VRBO and Priceline, both of which have deals with Ebates! In just 3 purchases, I earned over $20 in cash, which they paid to me via Paypal no problem.

So here's the deal. If you like getting free money on stuff you're already buying, Ebates is for you. They have a Chrome extension that will let you know when you're shopping online with a merchant they have a deal with, and you can link your credit cards to specific merchants to get in-store cash back as well (similar to Yelp's program).

Their partners include Starbucks, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, Petco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Disney, Macy's, Footlocker, VRBO, Priceline, Travelocity, Best Buy, Hertz, eBay, Hobby Lobby, GoDaddy, The Container Store, and more! I've seen deals as high as 30% cash back for some retailers. The best part is, the whole program is FREE and easy to use!

If you go sign up (through 9/30/17) via my referral link and spend $25 in the next 12 months (easy, right?), I can earn $5/person + additional bonuses of $40-$100 or more. Everybody wins! Check it out below:

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Pentatonix ft. Dolly Parton - Jolene

Incredible! +PTXofficial +Dolly Parton nailed it!

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Check out this free referral contest from one of the best electronic accessory companies out there!

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Chris Rupp ft. +Home Free - Movin On

Amazing new version of this original #ChrisRupp song, now with his fellow #HomeFree members singing incredible harmonies!

#Acapella #Music

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Todrick Hall - Pentatodrix

A hilarious #Pentatonix parody from one of their best friends, #TodrickHall!


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Pentatonix - No

This incredible #MeghanTrainor cover came out last week, and you need to see it!

P.S. - Check back tomorrow for a brand new video!

#Pentatonix #PentatonixStreetTeam

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+JAJAvankova - World of Dance LA 2016

Incredible front row view of #Jaja 's #WODLA16  performance!

#Dance   #Dancergy  

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Our friends +Grizzly Forged Studios sent #Sabotile to the #Twitch office! Watch us play it live on #TwitchPlaysBoardGames next Monday, April 11th. In the meantime, check out and support their Kickstarter campaign:

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