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Hey! How about a quick, last-minute-ish board game gift guide for Christmas? If you're stuck for ideas, and you're almost thinking about buying Stoke-on-Trent Monopoly, then this might help.

For kids (not too young):
* Forbidden Island: simple co-op game - so adults can guide children rather than playing against them, with really nice pieces chunky pieces and tiles.
* Qwirkle: A little like scrabble but with colours and shapes rather than letters. A bit of counting, but not too much.
* Incan Gold: A short press-your-luck game. One decision each turn - go deeper and grab more treasure or lose it all, or make good your escape. Incan Gold Review - with Tom Vasel

For couples:
* Carcassonne: You can't go wrong with Carcassonne.
* Jaipur: Three rounds of set collection that's simple but deep.
* 1960: The Making of the President: Kennedy vs Nixon, a big map of the US, an election to win. Not an entry level game, but one to think about for a history buff or Mad Men fan.

A bit geekier:
* Ankh Morpork: A definite for anyone who likes Terry Pratchett - but anyone not familiar with his books will also have a fine time. A chaotic area control game with hidden victory conditions.
* Small World: Don't let the goofy fantasy element put you off. This is a game of competing for space on a too-small map. If you're thinking of Risk, get this instead.
* Space Alert: A co-op game played in real time - then reviewed to see where everything fell apart. Losing is fun. Honest.

Stocking fillers:

* The Resistance: 5-10 players, a few of whom will be traitors. Great bluffing game, if you have enough players.
* No Thanks: One simple decision each turn, not always an easy one. Simple to play & teach.
* Citadels: Chaotic role-selection game, a classic:
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