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Retired US Marine
Retired US Marine

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By: Louis Gibson
Monday- September 8, 2014
Weekly Money Talk
There is one key difference between the wealthy and the not so wealthy.

They focus on earning…not saving. Like a boxer focus on throwing punches.

That’s not to say that saving isn’t important. It is. And so is defense in any sport especially boxing. Floyd Mayweather is the physical example of how defense is essential to success in the ring. However, throwing punches score points and count more with judges score cards. Money is like points and that is all that matters when bills are due.

But there are limits to how much money you can actually save. Once you hit that limit there’s not much more you can do from a saving standpoint.

Which is why you have to focus on earning…specifically earning extra money on the side.

Follow my blog post coming soon to find out the best ways to do it.

>>> 14 easy ways to make money on the side by Louis Gibson.

"Without education an individual will continue to jump over dollars to pick up pennies. You can use the extra money to pay off debt, build an emergency fund, or just enjoy the finer things in life." By: Louis Gibson

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My attention and thoughts this November weekend should have been on celebtating the Marine Corps birthday yesterday and Veterans day today. However, an illegal eviction from my home in Radnor, Pa has has consumed me. It is a difficult time to say the least and gives new meaning to, "I'm in my last days." What I am saying situation on my end is beyond a natural fix. I am asking for prayer request that am not evicted. God has brougt me to a property I can afford but the devil wants to evict me. I now ask that all believers help me frustrete the devil in fighting back with prayer.
Retired US Marine,
Louis Gibson

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