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Hit the regular trails tonight and cranked out 11.23 miles in a little over an hour.

Well half a mile or so was me walking as my tire decided to quit holding air. Did not have my patches with (rookie mistake) but a young couple stopped to help. The guy had some slime scans and that held for the last mile or so to the car.

Tonight, getting a new tube and a butt load of scabs to carry in my Camelback.

Picture attached just to get your attention.

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 I know the Sonata doesn't have a V8 in it but 12 mph is still kinda weak man....
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For those of you all posting snowy pictures and was 96 DEGREES today!

Freakin' hot! 
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We've had about a month straight of rain. Hasn't been more than 3 days in a row where we've seen the sun.

Very little snow though.

I am disappoint.
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I just sent a work email at 1:44am to answer a question that was asked on Friday of which I have been thinking about since then.

I even spent an hour researching tax regulations and websites for support of my answer.

I am such a nerd.

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Almost the best/worst vanity project ever.
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I wish I was riding today....
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I might be able to go on Monday. If not, I happen to have Tuesday off and I'll spend the morning on my bike.
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I've been working on my troll skills. It took everything I had just to be patient enough to wait all of 57 minutes for someone to see it.
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If +William Papa had kids.
Children should never swing a piece of string in the presence of cats...

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Just out of the shot, we have an example of the rather rare flying American housecat.

They stalk their prey with patience and determination not usually seen in normal, everyday housecats.

You may notice, they do well with take-off and flying, however smooth landings occasionally incorporate the use of small human children.
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I know I have been in and out lately, but where has +Bill Jordan been?

Also +Kale Golden bailed?
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+Gino Romano is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?
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1976 Olds Delta 88 Royale, 4 door
White with blue vinyl roof
350 V8
4 bbl carb
3 spd auto
Plush velour interior

It was my grandfather's company car that he bought and let my grandmother drive. I got it in 1992 with only 75k on the odometer.
Within a year I blew the engine in it.

That was the first car I ever worked on myself.

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love it, #myfirstwheels  was a 1989 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight (first year they removed the 'Delta' part of the name. 
Bench seat also. Was useful.
The interior in these olds twas epic. 
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This one is my favorite.
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My worst was I hit a jump at a weird angle and the bike did not come down straight on the wheels.  I hit hard on my left side and my elbow went into my ribs and cracked them.  It was hard to breathe and lie down for a couple of weeks.

I also sprained my ankle about a year later going down a canal and hit a fallen tree.  I still have bruising on my leg over a year later.

As a teenager I had a bad accident where I broken my clavicle and dislocated my shoulder.  The shoulder has never been the same since.  
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...and that was the last time George of the Jungle drove his Corvette.
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+Colby Goettel 

Wha'cha think?
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That's sound logic right there.
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