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Kelly “Wish my Sonata had a V8” Garcia
Avid Cyclist, Car Guy, and Sonata driver
Avid Cyclist, Car Guy, and Sonata driver

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Hit the regular trails tonight and cranked out 11.23 miles in a little over an hour.

Well half a mile or so was me walking as my tire decided to quit holding air. Did not have my patches with (rookie mistake) but a young couple stopped to help. The guy had some slime scans and that held for the last mile or so to the car.

Tonight, getting a new tube and a butt load of scabs to carry in my Camelback.

Picture attached just to get your attention.


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If +William Papa had kids.
Children should never swing a piece of string in the presence of cats...


For those of you all posting snowy pictures and was 96 DEGREES today!

Freakin' hot! 

I know I have been in and out lately, but where has +Bill Jordan been?

Also +Kale Golden bailed?

I just sent a work email at 1:44am to answer a question that was asked on Friday of which I have been thinking about since then.

I even spent an hour researching tax regulations and websites for support of my answer.

I am such a nerd.

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1976 Olds Delta 88 Royale, 4 door
White with blue vinyl roof
350 V8
4 bbl carb
3 spd auto
Plush velour interior

It was my grandfather's company car that he bought and let my grandmother drive. I got it in 1992 with only 75k on the odometer.
Within a year I blew the engine in it.

That was the first car I ever worked on myself.


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This one is my favorite.

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I wish I was riding today....

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