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Dak Ultimak (Reverend Dak)
Reverend and Secret Sacred Minister of the Ministry of Sacred Secrets.
Reverend and Secret Sacred Minister of the Ministry of Sacred Secrets.

1d10 Table to freak RPG players out:

1 Look at a random player in the eyes, immediately roll a random die.
2 Count the number of players/characters for no reason.
3 Make a secret note unrelated to the current game.
4 Ask for a random check or saving throw.
5 Ask for initiative checks, for no real reason.
6 Ask for a random ability score from a random character.
7 Borrow a player's character sheet, for no real reason, and give it back.
8 Borrow a player's character sheet, don't give it back for a couple minutes.
9 Say "Damn!" with a smile.
10 Say "OK", confusingly, roll again.
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*BRAINDUMP*: Was editing a specific module for a specific gaming thing, and came across references to Strength scores for monsters, particularly when affecting them with spells that do stat loss. And since monsters (or NPCs) don't play by the same rules as player characters (PCs), they don't have Ability scores. Ray of Enfeeblement does strength drain, so it was vague what it would do to monsters. The rule is actually there, in the spell, in the General description. They have 10 (assuming they're human and/or man sized), and they effectively become a blob when they reach 0. Simple, and it works. But it made me think of what if they're bigger, tougher, etc. So I came up with the following rule to give it a bit more grit, and it's only slightly more complicated:

Ray of Enfeeblement (or similar effects) vs NPCs & Monsters:

3d6 [or 10]+HD equals the creatures "effective" strength, not to be confused with PC's Strength ability scores. Reduce monster's melee attack bonus by half when this number is reduced by half, round down.

Feel free to reduce melee attack bonus values in smaller increments (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, etc.).

Basically two simple sentences that could be added to any spell, item, or effect. Similar methods can be applied to things that affect ability scores. It sticks to the DCC RPG principle that NPCs and monsters don't play by the same rules, but doesn't break any existing rules that I can think of.

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While all the hipsters and ravers were out at Coachella, I went up to Reno Nevada to go to Debauch-a-Reno for Trash-Rock-Garage-Punk instead:

Highlight of the weekend was Reverend Beat-Man in a haunted opera house in Virginia City.

The whole trip in pictures. Includes a lot of beer.
Debauch-A-Reno 2018
Debauch-A-Reno 2018
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I really enjoyed Annihilation. It's the deepest, most intense Sci-Fi movie I have seen since the original Alien. It has similarities in the sense that the main protagonist becomes seemingly lost and alone, but actually has strength, determination, and drive against a mysterious and possibly malevolent host. The movie is just as beautiful and thought provoking as Alien, and equally as horrific and terrifying. Annihilation, as a whole, is a better movie in that it successfully digs deep into the motivation behind each character, and it makes every move each character makes believable. (Alex Garland is just better than Ridley Scott now. Don't get me wrong, Scott made some of my favorite films ever, but he's also made some of the most painful and worst movies recently. While Garland is only getting better. )

Please note, I've never read the book. And I'm under the impression that Garland took a lot of liberties with story. There are also folks that say it is more like Colour Out of Space than the Jeff VanderMeer novel. I can't say, as I haven't read the novel, and I don't remember Colour Out of Space. And I very well understand disappointment that people have when movies ignore their source materials. But on its own merits, I think Annihilation is an amazing movie.
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Yupdate of the Crawler Companion App for DCC RPG! Woowoo!

If you're not using this app, you... you... I don't even know. It has the best die roller, besting even dedicated dice rollers -- worth it for that alone. And man, if you play DCC, and you don't use it for all reference materials -- I can't even.
The Crawler’s Companion Version 1.8
Ah, the joys of the Crawler’s Companion new version release day... and this is less than half the devices I’ve been doing final, final, really this is final testing on. :)

The App Store versions at Apple, Google Play, and Amazon have been approved and should appear shortly. (Sometimes it can take a while to filter through all the nooks and crannies of the various sites).

For you side-loaders of the DCC world, the Android APK’s (and the PC and MacOS Desktop installers) are up on the Crawler page at (There are currently six(!) different Android versions on the site: it's an impossible quest, but I try my best to keep things compatible for as many Android devices as possible).

This update has been a long time coming. I’ve been in a testing cycle forever, since I get so freaking queasy about the potential problems of rolling out a new version. But, as they say, you’ve got to let the stirge fly free at some point: I hope folks enjoy the new features.

Crawler Version 1.8 What’s New
• Dual-screen landscape mode for tablets! (Depending on how you're holding the device at launch, it will either choose portrait or landscape mode).
• Information sharing between Crawler apps in the same campaign
• Updated campaign battle data system
• Dice multipliers and modifiers on the dice-rolling screen
• Campaign notes page
• Add names to your spell casters
• More die colors

Be sure to visit to view the Crawler 1.8 QuickStart video to see the major new features in action.
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Hey, hi. Dak here. Your local-ish Goodman-Games rep/editor/judge. I don't usually do weekends, but I hope to drop by when I can.

Let me know if have any questions, esp regarding rules, 3rd Party publishing, and official stuff.

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+Paul de Valera go to Downloads on the right, and check out the CDD (1-4) downloads. They're super helpful for AD&D.

Author is also in need of an MRI:
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