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Dak Ultimak (Reverend Dak)
Reverend and Secret Sacred Minister of the Ministry of Sacred Secrets.
Reverend and Secret Sacred Minister of the Ministry of Sacred Secrets.
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No surprise, but I love IF (Interactive Fiction). This has all kinds of elements I love(d). Vampire the Masquerade was a big deal at the end of RPG life 1.0. Bought a ton of books, read a lot of Anne Rice. Adopted "goth" aesthetics for a bit. But the game was not for me. But I tried. RPG 3.0, I mostly just play OSR and its derivative derivatives. But, my favorite mobile games are IF games. I got the Vampire one, obvs. And it's very satisfying. Played a game before passing out this weekend in the desert at that thng that's canceled every year. It's a good game.

Haters, exercise that critical thinking app in your head. You might need to use your resource access skills to dig for the truth.

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Yeah yeah yeah! 
More D.A.M.N. Spam!

We're go for launch -- working on getting the OBS wrangled.

We got content from: me, +Daniel Bishop +Thorin Thompson +Terra Frank +Reid San Filippo +Stephen Newton +Julian Bernick +Godric McKellan and +Garett Oliver. As well as art from +David Fisher.

Link to the TOC and submission guidelines below.

If you're interested in submitting content for the Spring 2017 issue, shoot your concept over to For unsolicited content, we're looking for short pieces (under 3,000 words).

For art -- shoot your portfolio over to the same address.

Written content deadline: End of March, so get your concepts over to us!

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Worth sharing because a ton of original Appendix N is found these classic pulps. 

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There is a lot of original Appendix N in these volumes. This is so rad. 

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No joke. Best battery life since COS11. No noticeable performance hit. I'm loving Lineage OS. 
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I did a full-wipe/clean install of Lineage OS (1/23 nightly) on the OPO without a hitch. It was totally solid, and I felt it was much better than CM and COS.

I dirty installed the 1/30 nightly and I'm still impressed. It has brought amazing battery life back to my OPO. I''m getting 5.5 hours screen which I haven't seen since COS11.

I don't know how you're doing it, but this with Bacon Camera... My phone has new life. 

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Hell, yeah you should read Barsoom.

February 2017 is the 105th anniversary of the first publication of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ first Mars story. His “Mars” or “Barsoom” series is arguably one of the most influential stories in the history of fantasy and science fiction. Certainly for fans of D&D history, it should be required reading, as its protagonist not only serves as the model for the iconic Fighter character, but it also is an important influence on the evolution of D&D – and great source material for fun adventures. Today we start on a new feature on the Goodman Games website called Adventures In Fiction where we discuss fictional works that can inspire your own great adventures, for D&D, DCC RPG, or any other game. For this first installment, James “Grognardia” Maliszewski has agreed to cover the topic, Why You Should Read the Barsoom Novels.

Why You Should Read the Barsoom Novels

By James Maliszewski

LA peeps, and occasional visitors.

I'm toying with the idea of a Once-A-Month game night on a Thursday (6-10-ish).

We'll have room for 2-3 tables of RPG gaming.

It'd be FREE, loose campaigns or one-shots,

Likely DCC or MCC.

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Please be good. Please be good. Gaddamnit, please be good. 
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