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How to publish your book
How to publish your book

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At WRITERSWORLD we are always aware it take years to gain a good reputation which can be lost within seconds so we are always on our toes.

Amazon makes it easier than ever to leave a review

By Mercy Pilkington 

Book reviews are the bane of many authors’ existence, not for their negative remarks or hurtful nature, but mostly for the fact that many authors feel the frustration of not getting reviews in the first place. This is especially common among authors who run free book promotions or offer their titles for free or reduced prices as part of the KDP Select benefits. The complaint is the same…readers get the book, but never review it. But Amazon launched a new way to leave a review through prepared choices in drop down menus. This feature begins with a simple three-answer question on the plot of the book: was it predictable, did it have some twists, or was it completely surprising. Answering that question opens up more drop downs about the character development, the pacing, and more.

Unfortunately, there’s no drop down menu for the quality of the writing, the quality of the editing, or more basic attributes of the book. These would apparently go in the provided space where the reader can type his own thoughts on the book. Not all books have the drop down review treatment at this time. Obviously, the questions that were offered don’t apply to non-fiction titles, for example, and several nonfic titles I looked at don’t offer any other drop down elaborations. One of the chief concerns with this type of review process was raised by Henry Baum of Self-Publishing Review, and that is the canned response feeling of these reviews which will possibly lead to less informative (and therefore, less helpful) reviews. As you can see from SPR’s take on the drop down review process, Baum was offered far more drop downs–including the options to comment more than once on the author’s writing ability and the quality of the book–than I was on the twenty or so titles I searched through this drop down process. Even the self-published horror titles I inspected didn’t give me the option to select an answer pertaining to violence, sexual content, or other thematic elements.

If Amazon truly wants to encourage an atmosphere of dialogue on books and support readers’ efforts to leave a review, however, their first priority should be to make the process of inputting opinions more streamlined. Currently, a consumer goes to the sales page for the book after even remembering that he should review it, clicks on the number of reviews, then clicks on the option to see all the reviews, then clicks on Write a Review. All of this is after scanning the sales page looking for (and not finding) a giant button that simply says, “Leave a review.” Interestingly, the top of the screen will tell a consumer in rather small letters that he has already purchased the item, and that would be an excellent place to point out that a review is only one click away.

Anyone running a commercial website and not using Google Webmaster Tools and following their guidelines does so at their peril as they may or will  end up being penalized.

On our website we have some extensive text about the possible disadvantages of an unknown author putting their photograph on a book cover.

To produce a book WRITERSWORLD need the following the author, ISBN agency, a book cover designer, a copy editor, a book printer, the person who enters all the books data at the data base the book retailers take their data feed from, the book press release company, the services of Nielsen’s Enhanced Service so the author biography and book description appears at the book retailers websites, the book wholesaler to supply the book retailer, the person to load the book to the Amazon Look Inside programme and of course me the de facto orchestrator leader and person who pays the royalties. 

Even though the business has been going for 15 years, there is always a need still a need to keep things up to date in regards to the website and improve its exposure. We thought you would like to know we have LinkedIn experts upgrading our page, which will legitimately increase the number of people connecting to us. Then there are Google experts who are working their way through the enormous number of websites that link back to us, identifying which ones are now considered ‘spammy’ by Google, and as a consequence affecting our Google rankings, so they need to be removed. As all commercial website owners will know keeping up with the Google constant changes to their search algorithms has become a nightmare.We have got our Facebook page to where we want it to be and, reverting back to the website, we have removed all the redundant internal links. This will speed up the website and increase the number of site visitors. In order to maintain market share, constant maintenance of the website is essential to reach the potential authors we want to offer our services to who in return will end up with a superbly produced book along with excellent service.

Having a main stream book distributor or wholesaler is essential to the success of your book you simply cannot just rely on Amazon for people to buy your book.

What is essential to every self-publishing company is a solid, reliable and high quality book printer without that things become impossible to operate.

We can write no other self-publishing company has a more comprehensive and inclusive set of publishing packages than we do we ensure that.

When deciding on which self-publishing company to use may we suggest you insist on having the phone numbers of the authors of say the last two or three books the self-publishing has published. You will be able to determine that apart from quality of service provided what the authors actually ended up paying for their book to be published. The racket in the self-publishing industry is to lure the author in with a low price and then load them up with extras. Of course  you could also compare what the other self-publishing companies authors got for their money and compare it with what you will get with WRITERSWORLD  
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