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☑ Dreams Of Electric Sheep
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Väldigt fin lägenhet (det kan jag intyga personligen eftersom jag bor där nu  ) i Borås till salu. Nära till både Göteborgsbussen och centrum.

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Gothenburg tonight. Stay out of Ukraine #Putin! 
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Nice! Some features announced at #googleio2013  that I really look forward to:
* Google Cloud Messaging for Android updated with notification syncing
* Google Developer Studio based on IntelliJ IDEA
* Beta testing and staged rollouts for Play Store

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Gmail, Calendar and Reader are the Google services I use the most. Two of the most used apps on my Nexus 4 sync with Google Reader. I have hundreds of feeds which I couldn't possible follow on G+, Facebook or Twitter.

And they are shutting it down :-(

Bad news. Can anyone point me to a good alternative?

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This sounds like fun. Anyone else wants to join?
New Photo Challenge: The Treasure Hunt –– February 2013

It's time to start announcing next month's Treasure Hunt Challenge... 

It's easy, it's exciting and it's fun, take our word for it. We will have one challenge every month and each will consist of four rounds, one every week, the last being the final. Sounds intriguing? 

Some of you already know the challenge but for new contestants it might be of interest to know more.

We will provide you with various photographic tasks and it's up to you to take a creative shot in order to make it to the next round. You have one week to complete each round and if you manage to complete three rounds in a row, you're in the final round and have a chance to win the whole thing. We will not reveal what rounds 1––4 will be like but we promise you that you will have lots of fun participating (and if we get sponsors, you might even win prizes). One thing is for sure: it'll be like a real Treasure Hunt! And... The tasks will never be the same as in the previous month's challenge. :)

The rules are simple. All you have to do is to plus this post and leave a comment that you want to participate in the Google+ Treasure Hunt Challenge and we will add you to the special community that we have created for this event. You can do it here or you can do it in the announcement post in +Peter From's  feed –– but not in both. The first 1000 will be allowed into the community where you will receive all further instructions. But don't worry... If you miss this Treasure Hunt, there will be another one come March.

Resharing this post is not a must but will be appreciated. After all sharing is caring.

The first round begins on January 30, 2013. Don't miss out on the Google+ Challenge of the Year!

Good luck and have fun!


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My first #Arduino build with my friends. Lots of fun and so very easy to make something simple. Soon we'll have our 8 LEDs showing us how much coffee is left in the can by reading a force sensor with just a couple of lines of code.

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This kind of thing always makes me a bit nervous since I've moved all my book reading to e-books. Actually this story is pretty much spot on for me as a Swedish citizen buying books from and reading them on my Kindle and Android Kindle app. #drmsucks  

At least I've bought the Humble E-book Bundle from so I do have some e-books without DRM.

Edit: forgot to mention that according to this news she got her books back without any word why they changed their tune:
I just sent this email to the Amazon Kindle press relations office:
... This case of DRM enforcement has been brought to my attention and I wanted to get your official word on what is happening here:
Are the facts presented here correct?
If so, why was this done to this user's account? 
What is your policy regarding notifying customers of alleged infractions?
What is your policy regarding appeals?
What is your policy regarding one's rightful ownership of bought materials?
Please respond by email as I will be teaching class at the City University of New York this afternoon. 
Thank you. 
- Jeff Jarvis

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So this is pretty cool. #adafruit  got a WebIDE for #raspberrypi , that should make coding to it pretty quick I think. Not that I have one, but it looks cool :)

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More good news for #androiddev ; a new #Android  build system is in the works and now testable.

It's also worth to note what +Xavier Ducrohet is writing in one of the comments:
_+Stéphane Nicolas Not everyone wants to use Maven.
However we do want to support Maven as well. Part of the new build system is a new library to build Android applications, and I hope the Maven plugin will use it. We also intend to publish more artifacts to Maven Central._

Seems like they are working in the right direction indeed! Very nice to see :)
I'm happy to announce that the first milestone of our new Android SDK build system is now available to try.

Warning/Disclaimer: this is a (very) early access and is not meant to replace the existing one to ship applications.

We are looking for feedback on the build system and its features.

You can read more about it here:

#android #androiddev

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This is a very nice hack for all #androiddevelopers  out there! Are you slowly going crazy while waiting for the project to build? +Chainfire has a fix which will speed up things quite a lot depending on the number of resources you use in the project. I got 10 seconds shaven off the project I'm working on right now. Really nice!
Up to 10 times faster building with Eclipse (/apktool/etc) !

I have just released the first test binaries of FAAPT (Fast AAPT). AAPT is a tool used in the Android app build process - it really slows down your development if it's not performing. So much so it drove me to muck with the source to find the bottleneck - and I found what was the bottleneck (for me).

For example, DSLR Controller build times dropped from 35 seconds minimum to 2-3 seconds on my PC. Finally I can develop without getting frustrated about the constant waiting. Hell, I even turned "Build Automatically" back on in Eclipse, and it hasn't been bothering me at all !

See XDA for further details !
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