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Blog #5
Reflection on Jazz Before taking this course, jazz was a total enigma to me. I had never been exposed to the music in any real way aside from a few poor high school performances and dull elevator tunes. Worse yet, I had never considered jazz in a historical...

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Blog #4
Behind Monk's Genius               In 1940’s New York, jazz had evolved into a more rebellious and expressive style of music called bebop. Discordant and extremely modernist, bebop was an artform born out of post World War II dystopia and moved away from th...

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Blog #3
  Race Conflict in the 1930's    Since the birth of jazz in New Orleans, race had always been a significant issue. There was conflict between slaves and their masters and between lower class blacks and upperclass Creoles. When jazz migrated to Chicago, ther...

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Blog #2
Chicago: The Promised Land of the 1920's  The 1920’s were a time of rapid social and economic growth in America that caused the outgrowth of many important works of art. This included the jazz style of music, which received it’s most important influences in...

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Blog #1
The Birth of Jazz New Orleans was an ideal place for the emergence of jazz because it was a crucial point of commerce along the Mississippi. It was a “prosperous, cosmopolitan environment that few cities in the New World could match” (Gioia, 27). This wealt...
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