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Katie B
Typical geeky people person from Michigan, USA.
Typical geeky people person from Michigan, USA.
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Joel, it's not your business when you're stealing.

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This is wonderful.

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I no longer buy for awareness, my money is better spent on a cure.

King Arthur X Prince Charm
Yes please. OTP

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If you add me, I won't add you unless I know you personally as a real life friend, active roleplay partner, co-worker, or family member. I don't share a whole lot publicly and I will only post in English or broken Korean, so don't expect anything from adding me.

If you're part of the same WoW community as me, anything you need to know/see about me will be posted there. Let's keep things separate, please.

"k sorry you're boring me"
It's okay, you were creeping me out pretending to know me and adding me for no reason and crap.

"The United States has the highest ratio in the world with CEOs averaging over 300x the lowest paid employee. I think that's completely asinine. I'm all for the American "dream", but come on. Somehow, in the last 30 years, there has been a huge societal shift to where all consumers believe they deserve the highest end everything.

When I was a child, people traveling by air was basically unheard of. Two working parents was a rarity while children were younger than junior high age. People working in factories didn't own new cars. The high school parking lot was not filled by student vehicles, and the ones in the lot were rolling crap wagons, not some new car or one only a few years old. My parents didn't get cable until 1997 and they had a rotary wall phone until then, too. It wasn't until I was in high school that we got a microwave and a vcr. I don't believe they got a dishwasher until 2000 or later and they still don't have air conditioning in their house. Their needs v. wants are vastly different than most adults now. And, they saved money every month.

However, if you can't make enough to do more than pay rent, put a little gas in a crappy car and feed yourself, then something is very wrong. Maybe sometimes it's the person with bad budgeting skills, but I think it's the American society as a whole.

Raising the minimum wage is not the cure."

Sometimes I wish "goodnight" was seen by all as a signal to Shut Up.
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