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Sometimes we cannot help but overindulge over the holiday season. Check out our full post of healthy holiday eating here:

With so many turkeys and ham legs flying around and grandma serving up massive plates, well in excess of what you need or want, it's no surprise that most of us tend to put on a few kilos over the break.

Combine this with the increase intake of alcohol which seems to go hand in hand with the Christmas BBQ or New Years Eve celebrations, you might think there is little that can be done to remain healthy during the celebrations.

We're not going to bore you and tell you not to eat or enjoy yourself, rather you'd be better off by approaching each meal and event with the few tricks seen in the video to help maintain your current weight and keep your health on track.

For a more in-depth look at some healthy holiday tips you could use, check out the blog post link at the top of the description for our full list of tips and tricks to surviving the silly season!
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