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Go ahead and lie about my commercial endorsements, Google. 
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Siva Vaidhyanathan

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Richard Gingras originally shared:
Security Theater, Episode #214 Drives me nuts when told to turn off my iPad (or other "electronic devices") before takeoff and before landing. There has never been a shred of evidence, as admitted by the FAA, of interference. How many people on every flight simply forget to turn them off? If it were to any degree a serious concern would we not take more serious measures? Of course we would. Yet we insist on perpetrating such policies. Why? Because we don't want people to think they're not secure? Because we want to continue to prop up useless security facades? Let's all take off our shoes and march through security. Argh!!
New technologies are often greeted with fear and that is certainly true of a disruptive technology like cellphones. Yet rules that are decades old persist without evidence to support the idea that som...
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Siva Vaidhyanathan

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So Facebook wants my passport to verify my identity. As Mr. Public, you'd think I wouldn't object. But I don't think Facebook has given me sufficient cause to do it. Where's the value? I can get recommended for more followers, they say. Well, I have 44k here and 700k on Google+. Don't need more here. Now if they thought like a user and gave me a portable verified identity I could use in other cases, maybe. But they're not thinking of adding value to me but instead to Facebook.
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They want your passport! My god, that really pushes the limits. I think we need to work here in the U.S. for privacy laws more similar to the European standards.
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Siva Vaidhyanathan

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Welcome back
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Siva Vaidhyanathan

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Almost every post on Google+ is about Google+.
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Depends on your circles. There's whole lot of posts about G+, and way too much uncritical praise, but there is also specific content around other topics, lots of it. 
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Robertson Family Professor at the University of Virginia

Siva Vaidhyanathan is the Robertson Professor of Media Studies and and Law at the University of Virginia. He is the author of The Googlization of Everything -- and Why We Should Worry from the University of California Press, published in 2011. He has written two previous books: Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How it Threatens Creativity (New York University Press, 2001) and The Anarchist in the Library: How the Clash between Freedom and Control is Hacking the Real World and Crashing the System (Basic Books, 2004). He also co-edited (with Carolyn de la Pena) the collection, Rewiring the Nation: The Place of Technology in American Studies (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007). Vaidhyanathan has written for many periodicals, including American Scholar, Dissent, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The New York Times Magazine, MSNBC.COM,,,, BookForum, Columbia Journalism Review, Washington Post, and The Nation. After five years as a professional journalist, he earned a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Vaidhyanathan has also taught at Wesleyan University, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Columbia University, New York University, and the University of Amsterdam. He is a fellow at the New York Institute for the Humanities and the Institute for the Future of the Book.

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