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Tonight's culinary goodness was Styrian style. Pumpkin soup with mushrooms and veal schnitzel.

Hive mind: Thinking abt something (not sure yet) for one of my late father's rings. Indy jewellers/crafts people in London to talk to?

Didn't realise that the Hogueras festival in Alicante is a bit like Fallas in Valencia. I feel the making of a plan coming on.

Opposing Donald is not helped by RT-ing random stuff that sounds good but may not be true. We should be able to do better than that.

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When faced with German ingredients GIYF. We now know that 1 EL is a tablespoon of liquid (literally a soup soon) #foodie

Query prompted by something tonight. Do homeless people have to pay for a place in a night shelter? Details/links rather than polemic please

The new waterproof jacket I got for Xmas has definitely earned its keep today

Doing vague foodie research. It would appear that eight spice mix is not five spice plus three.

Back from the hot land to the cold one. Suspects I haven't missed much* in the past week (* Brexit/UKIP/Trump nonsense doesn't count)
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