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Tara Makowski
I'm painfully hilarious & I say a lotta bad words.
I'm painfully hilarious & I say a lotta bad words.

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I keep forgetting about the gspot+. :-/

Hey, googley+. It's been a while...

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I shouldn't have laughed at this, but I did. #evl

The Atlanta Braves make me sad in the pants.

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I'm in!
NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away three Motorola Photon 4Gs for doing almost nothing!

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Okay. If ya know me, ya know I don't cook. As in, I avoid the kitchen AT. ALL. COSTS. But, when I do flex my culinary muscles, it's usually on taco night. And if ya wonder what goes down en la cocina on taco night, feast your ojos...¡Dios mío!

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Since +Ryne Hancock did me wrong in his SEC Power Rankings column this morning, I was forced to pull out the big guns. Kanye says it best. Enjoy.

Oh, and #WPS! #SuckItTigers

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Wowie wow wow. "Only 99 rookies in baseball history have more than 10 saves; only 27 have as many as 20 saves; only seven have reached 30; and only two, Kimbrel and Feliz, got to 40."

At the's a beautiful day for baseball.

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Photo Just, wow. Let that sink in...
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