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tattoo, tattoo designs, tattoos, tattoo editor, tattoo maker, body art
tattoo, tattoo designs, tattoos, tattoo editor, tattoo maker, body art

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Only now you can easily cutomize and try any #tattoo before actually making it! No need to know #Photoshop - Virtual Tattoo Editor is extremely easy and #fun to use! Try it now at!

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#Aztec #dagger is one of the most popular tattoo designs in modern #Latin #America . It is associated with Aztec god of war and means courage and might. Earlier it was often worn by Maori warriors. And today it is often made by men to emphasize their power and strong character.

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Tattoo Styles
The division of modern tattoos into styles is very much nominal, because many of them include the elements of each other. There are some styles based on traditional one, but others are quite independent. New styles also appear every day – professional tattoo artists are so original and express themselves so individually, that afterwards others start to copy them.Besides, there are many such tattoos, where a number of different artistic techniques is used, and so they don’t belong to any particular style. Together with famous styles there are some less popular the number of which can not even be counted.Usually the tattoo styles are not specially named, but here are some of the most famous:
#Custom #Style
Since the end of 40s and till the 80s there existed only one tattoo style that is called custom or traditional today. Tattoo designs were made on various parts of the body and the images were usually made without shadows. Traditional tattoo style appeared in America after the war and it was the first real tattoo that became fashionable. On the contrary to nowadays, important was the presence of a tattoo and not its unlikeness to others or its originality. Besides, tattoos made in traditional style still can be met today, but they have been modified and acquired new meaning.
The tattoo images that were made in custom style were much alike the sailors’ tattoos: these usually were broken hearts, roses, blades, snakes and ships. Such tattoos were not characterized by a variety of images. But in the 80s tattoos became much popular and the variety of designs much wider. With the appearance of punk and rock music tattoo designs became fashionable and widely spread. Donald Harley that now has a big number of followers made ornament tattoos top fashion
In that time many tattoo artists started to go to Japan and learned Japanese tattoo style. The more fashionable tattoo became, the more styles appeared in the world.
#Japanese #tattoo #style
Japanese and Chinese are rather big tattoo styles, though they don’t have definite borders. These styles are traditional in the East and nowadays they became popular in America and Europe too. Japanese style is usually characterized by a big number of bright colors used for tattoos and a big size of tattoo designs themselves.
#Celtic #Style
Nowadays Celtic tattoo style became one of the most popular tribal styles and Celtic tattoo designs are top fashion and spread all over the world. It is usually characterized by the wide use of traditional ornaments, as well as mythological animals. One of the main reasons of the incredible popularity of Celtic style is the originality of the tattoo designs as well as a great number of possible meanings. So each Celtic tattoo is individual and at the same time it is often understood only by a person who wears it. On the whole, all tribal tattoo designs became top fashion nowadays because they have deep meaning but are still individual and look stylish.
Tattoo Styles
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Heart Tattoo Designs
#heart #tattoos #tattoooftheday
Heart designs are among the most popular tattoos because in modern culture heart is thought to be a symbol of feelings, unity, love and romance.
Though in ancient civilization a heart was understood as a centre of intelligence and intuition, nowadays it is thought that these characters are more connected with head. In European culture heart is a centre of emotions and mainly love. In the East heart is believed to be a spiritual centre of the person. Often pictures of heart are used instead a word “love”. And that’s why heart tattoo designs gained popularity for revealing the unity of heart and love. Heart tattoos are often made as signs of love that’s why there is often an inscription on the heart tattoo. People who make a heart tattoo with the name of their loved one reveal their deep feeling and emphasize seriousness of their relationships. Often such tattoo designs are made in pairs – the hearts are same and there are names of each other on them.A human heart has a central place in religions of the world and is thought to be a symbol of love, divine in man. For a long time heart symbolized charity, piety and understanding. Heart is a sign of everything human and it often reveals love, friendship, happiness. Though heart tattoo designs can have a number of different meanings, you can personalize your own meaning of the tattoo. That’s why it is important to know the history of this design and its variations. In ancient Egypt heart was a symbol of truth in life and had no connection to love. Another popular design – a heart and a dagger through it has negative connotation. It usually means betrayal or lack of trust.Another popular heart tattoo designs are pictures of broken heart. This design can have two opposite meaning depending on the way it is depicted. If a half of the heart is depicted on the tattoo it usually means long-time relationships on the distance, and a second person has another half of the heart. When they are together the heart becomes full. Such tattoos are made in pairs and symbolize the love of their owners. The meaning changes to opposite if a person has two parts of broken heart on the tattoo. This tattoo reveals that his/her heart is broken. Such tattoo designs are usually made to remember the bad experience and not to give the heart.But heart tattoo can also reveal braveness. It is quite a new meaning and these tattoos are usually made by men. Here a heart is usually combined with a dagger. Such tattoo reminds that not always people can be trusted and at the same time symbolized courage in hard times. And heart tattoos combined with stars symbolize happiness and luck.
Heart Tattoo Designs (3 photos)
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Rose Tattoos
#rose #tattoos
Did you know that rose tattoo designs are a great idea when it gets to tattooing for lots of reasons? Many people do not even suspect what power this tattoo design really bears. This is the most powerful flower tattoo as a symbol in tattoo designs. Below you will find some of the reasons why you should pick rose among other tattoo designs. Please consider following:The meaning. There are few people who don’t like those flowers. Their aroma is sweet and tender when they are blossoming but this tenderness is fraud, in fact the rose is a very die hard flower. It is able to survive the strongest winters being in hibernation and after long month is able to emerge as beautiful as it was before. You can surmise that rose tattoo design is an implication of strength and tenderness in one.Different tattoo designs available. Because rose tattoo designs became so popular, the enormous quantity of variation for these designs appeared. The variations were in form, colors and size to grow drastically. And still it will be the same rose tattoo design as many already have, there are different ways to personalize you rose tattoo and make it unique.Rose tattoo design as the most powerful art! People usually consider rose as the best and most common flower tattoo design in existence. It is rich for its long history. Roses were used from the ancient times as a medicine, in the spiritual rituals and it was universal symbol of beauty as well. So as long as there is ink on the planet, you can be sure that rose tattoo designs are up-to-date.Rose tattoo designs are flexible! One of the reasons why you should stop on rose as on the design for your tattoo is that it is perfectly combines with most other tattoo designs. This means that even if you have any other tattoo you can safely consider rose tattoo design as your next one. More over if you don’t have any tattoo then by making rose tattoo design you can be sure that any other tattoo will easily combine with your rose.
Significant symbol meaning! As I’ve mentioned before, rose tattoo designs and rose itself has rich history and through the ages it gained multiple meanings. You, personally are free to choose whatever meaning you want, from nature power to tender femininity, from the implication of pure beauty to the defend of the thorns. Everything is up to you. But I’m sure that choosing one of available rose tattoo designs zero-risk variant.
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Tattoo Designs – Inscriptions – The Reasons of Choice
#tattoo #designs #inscriptions #reasons #choice
Recently tattoo inscriptions became a popular kind of tattoo designs. The reason for this is that sometimes even symbols are not enough to reveal the meaning. In such cases people often choose tattoo inscriptions. They give really a wide choice for fantasy and at the same time will always reveal the exact meaning you’ve chosen.In tattoo inscriptions the choice of language is one of the most important questions. Of course, English is the most often used language, not only in the USA but all over the world. But it is not the only possibility. Latin inscriptions are nor less popular today, and they are often used when people want to have a famous quote, aphorism or statement be tattooed on the body.Runes and Hieroglyphs are also used for inscription tattoos. But their choice is often much harder. All people understand English and Latin can easily be translated using a dictionary. With more ancient languages the task is harder. If a person wants to make a Runic tattoo design she/he needs to know the ancient culture to understand the meaning of the inscription. A hieroglyphic tattoo can also often have ambiguous meaning, that’s why if you want to make such tattoo, you surely need a qualified tattoo artist who is aware of the tattoo meanings.The reasons for choosing inscriptions as tattoo designs can be various. Inscriptions of famous quotes, that became personal mottos, aphorisms and ancient proverbs as well as quotes of famous poets and writers are widely used too. Such quotes usually reveal some important features of people’s character and can say a lot about their owners. The well known example is Megan Fox tattoo with famous quote.
Often such tattoos are made in honor of a loved one. Such inscriptions can also be decorated with heart images, etc. These tattoos made by happy couples are extremely popular nowadays and even many celebrities choose these tattoo designs. The recent examples are Victoria and David Beckham tattoos, made as signs of love. Tattoos with personal and spiritual meaning are also very popular. The exact meaning of such designs often understand only their owners, but usually they are made as sign of protections and for luck. These inscriptions are nearly always made in ancient languages and the good knowledge of culture is crucial for the choice. The famous example of such tattoo is Angelina Jolie back tattoo, made in Khmer language. The choice of fonts in inscriptions tattoo designs is also of great importance. Nowadays here you have a really wide choice and can try fonts on before choosing. The fonts determine the style of your tattoo and create the first impression, that’s why it is better if they are in harmony with the description meaning and look perfect on the chosen part of body. Usually inscription tattoos are made on arms, shoulders and back. These places are ideal for tattoo making and that’s why mostly often chosen.
Inscription Tattoos
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#Flower #Tattoo #Designs
Flower tattoo designs symbolize unfading beauty and are mostly often met among women. Men also use flowers, but as elements of other tattoo designs. But flower tattoo design is not just a beautiful decoration for every day; every flower has its individual and often ambiguous meaning. That’s why before making a flower tattoo design you should know something about the meaning of a flower you choose.
#rose tattoos
Of course, rose is a very beautiful flower, but what meaning do a rose tattoo designs have? In different countries rose tattoo designs can have a number of different meanings. In Japan rose means tenderness, pride, love and power. In Russia rose tattoo designs are understood as a flower of paradise because of its perfectness and beauty or as a symbol of martyrdom because of its sharp thorns. In Italy rose is a symbol of beauty, spring and prosperity. In Egypt roses were devoted to Isis and symbolized love. They were used in ancient Osiris and Isis mysteries. And in Greece this flower is a symbol of mystery. So, rose has a great variety of meanings and choosing a rose tattoo design you should find the most suitable meaning for you.
Rose tattoo design can be a symbol of latent potential of the person and is one of the most perfect flower symbols. The color of the rose tattoo design also has a great meaning. Red rose symbolizes passion, desire, beauty, joy and completeness of its owner. Gold rose is a sign of perfectness. Blue rose is a symbol of dreams and is often a tattoo of creative people and artists. It also says about the uniqueness and originality of its owner and his/her non-acceptance of normal standards. White rose is of course a symbol of virginity, purity, innocence, humility. The combination of red and white roses is a union of fire and water, the connection of opposites. No matter what rose tattoo design you choose, in any case it will express deep meaning and emotions
#lily tattoo designs
Lily is one of the most ambiguous symbols among flowers. It is often identified with Christian religiosity and purity, but in earlier traditions a lily was associated with fertility and love. In ancient times lilies were one of the most popular flowers. They were legendary, because Greeks believed that lilies grew from the milk of Gera – goddess of earth. Lilies were also connected with fertility in Egypt, where they were popular tattoo designs. In Byzantium lilies symbolized prosperity and kings power.
#orchid tattoo designs
Orchids often represent grandeur, luxury, love, beauty and feminine charm. In China an orchid tattoo design symbolizes a perfect person, harmony, elegance and love. Orchid can also be a sign of good taste and serenity.
On the whole, flower is a symbol of femininity and flower tattoo designs are among the most popular women tattoo designs. Flowers always inspired people and became a synonym of beauty. So, if you choose a flower tattoo design it will always look beautiful and have a deep meaning.
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Extremely interesting idea!!! Would you like one?
#tattoo that #vibrates
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