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Everything = 42

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Via a movie critic I want to see this. +David Thiery​, +Brett Lipton​ and anyone else with a son...sounds like it's worth a view..

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There were days when our hands touched through your words;
Your intonation seeking, penetrating to all of me.

There were times when the smile in your eyes transferred across the infinite distance,
And I felt your lips move in their happiness.

We breathed together;
Pulses analogous;
Laughed, cried and shared our moments.

They were ours, completely.
Each photograph in my head of every instant spent in colloquy,
Visions setting themselves deeply,
Into every heartbeat.

Though ours was a painful conclusion,
I am left with thoughts of our infinity.
It was just enough to give evidence to what was,
And what could be.
The lessons shared, etched forever
Into our perfect timelessness.

Deidre Huff, 5/2017

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When my internal furnace, and the temp inside every single store I go to, combine to equal Deidre melting

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Some Nerdy vision humor

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Some folks just shouldn't be tweeting

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Cauliflower rice

Okay, I may be a newbie to all of this, but how cool is that?? And pretty simple. Again, borowing from an online menu, I thought...what the heck is Cauliflower rice??? And here it is. Grated Cauliflower!

The meal I took from online was , organic chicken thighs, dusted in coconut flour, cooked in coconut oil and tossed in an orange sauce (still searching up that one), over cauliflower rice, with brocoli and carrots.

Hmmm..I have to mix up the chicken breasts with fish and thighs (more flavorful), turkey..etc.

This is fun!! So, more experimenting to come!

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Next healthier option Paleo breakfast experiment

This recipe sounds doable and delicious. It is a low calorie and fat option than some other recipes I found, but I checked out and downloaded the paleo menu from one of those meal prep services, and I am attempting to do my own meal preps, with a few of their ideas.

Not easy.

But I am retraining myself to be more prepared. As I make more and discover good recipes, I will be able to prepare them again easier and will know ahead already, what to buy/keep on hand/ etc. is another installment in the lifestyle change installment!

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23 new science facts we didn't know at the beginning of 2016

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So my Dad emails me this recipe

Do you think it's a suggestion..."You should make this and bring it today".

What would you do?
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