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This is a blog I started recently, read and follow if it sounds interesting to you. (I may from time to time share an entry here, but probably won't happen often.)

So, some time during the third week of NaNoWriMo my left wrist got ouchy, it's finally seeming to be on the mend...then today I do something while shifting gears to my right wrist.

I'm kinda writing more, even though NaNoWriMo is over. This is good, yes?

Got back to working on my crazy-pants afghan project. Attempting to make at least a block a day...still might take a while.

Despite knitting for however many years (about 14) sometimes I still forget that sometimes changing the yarn makes a huge difference in a project. opps

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The first three blocks from the maybe blanket project (aka the crazy-pants afghans). If you can't tell, the pink is brioche, the left white is Mermaid's Mesh, and the right white is Seafoam (which I should have blocked more severally).

Well, seems like I disappeared with my shiny new knitting books (Barbara Walker Treasuries, for those who care) and the urge to cast on for swatches (which I may or may not turn into a blanket) is neigh overwhelming. I'll try to be around more.

So, it's Christmas Eve and we unwrap presents in the morning. I still have 4 3/4 inches of a sock left to knit before a toe can be made. This is where I fully employ an unusual idea, I've done it before successfully. I call it Super Secret Stealth Knitting.

It works this way, I openly knit on the sock around everyone, with no word that it is a present. Not a peep. From what little testing I've done on this, people still remain surprised when they get the gift.

How to knit a hat for yourself
Take a hat you've knit for yourself previously. Count the number of stitch repeats times that by the stitch count of each repeat, cast on that number. Knit for the length of your hand from heel to index tip. Start crown decreases, find out you don't have enough yarn. Curse, check your gauge, and rip out the hat.

Measure your head circumference, times this by your stitches per inch (You know, from checking your gauge). Take that number and times by .9 (a little negative ease helps the hat fit nicely). Cast on this number, knit for the length of your hand. Start crown decreases, find out your short one pattern repeat. Curse, try on the hat and figure it doesn't matter as it still fits nicely. Fudge the crown decreases to make it work. And there you have a hat! (Or at least it seems to be my process...)

Me: So I can run away to Canada if I want.
Roommate: That would be pretty wild.
Me: It would?
R: Yeah, it's just like America only-
Me: Better?
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