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This is one of my most important document finds. It's the death record for my Aunt Isis Forgey who died in 1920 in Managua, Nicaragua. She was about a year old when she died. My grandfather was a US Marine stationed in Nicaragua, and my grandmother was a native of Nicaragua. I often asked my mother about Isis. She died before my mother was born. My mother and her siblings had no details about the life of Isis or the cause of her death. There was a rumor she broke her neck. This document points to an infection causing her death. There was a photo of her taken after death, but sadly I don't know who has it? Isis was named after her grandmother Isis Forgey. Some day I would like to visit Nicaragua and hope to visit her grave.
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Have you transcribed this document? Then have you translated it into English? How has this informed your understanding of your mother's older sister?
I should finish translating this. This is what I have so far: "In Managua on May 3, 1920 came Carlos Forgey citizen of this city originally of the United States of  North America at half past two this morning passed away in this city of Acute Gastro Intestinal Infection with medical care the Child Isis Forgey one year of this city." My mother thought Isis died after breaking her neck. I was really troubled by that and wondered how that could have happened? This says she died of a gastro intestinal infection. I was very sad to read she died at 2am. My grandparents must have been devastated. It was difficult for them to talk about. No one in the family wanted to bring the subject up to them. No one knew the year or day she was born, or the year or day she died. i tried for years to get some info from Nicaragua, but found it impossible. Thank goodness these records were microfilm by the Family History library. We now know when she was born and when she died.  
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