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Happy clients worldwide are key to our Success story
Happy clients worldwide are key to our Success story


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Glint like a Diamond this #Christmas: Get Free UI designs for your App idea or business website
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Get Free UI Design for your app & Lets Get Talking
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Why Your Business Needs Experienced iPhone App Builder?
For magnifying your
business image in the corporate sector, having your company’s own iPhone
application is essential. For fulfilling such app development needs, companies
hire or recruit app developers who often are paid to be the company’s one stop
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An Introductory Guide to Smart TV

In the current era, TV has a new smart face with the introduction of Smart TVs in living spaces. The new generation in TV has brought a revolution to serve the most advanced features in the world of technology. With an aim to add more fun in the leisure time of its owner, a Smart TV is equipped with all the cutting-edge features. It also facilitates a direct access to internet which gives it an edge over other generations of television in the industry. Internet on a TV is big achievement in shaping the comfort zone of technology. It facilitates surfing of the Google maps, sharing of web photo albums or conduction of a Skype video conference for you, all in a living room while sitting in front of your television.

To put it in layman’s language, a Smart TV is simply an Internet TV. This range of television provides access to a huge array of apps, an app store, home network and a web browser; all through a single interface. In a Smart TV, Internet can be connected through a router and broadband via an ethernet cable. It can also be connected through Wi-Fi.
If we talk about the apps for Smart TV, there is a huge variety to choose from, just like a smartphone. And, to name a few, there is Lovefilm, AceTrax, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and Flicker. Let us look at some of them:

1. Lovefilm and AceTrax: The Lovefilm and AceTrax apps mainly facilitate the streaming of rental movies directly to the TV through internet. Generally, it is a very comfortable and easy way to watch films. The only drawback of this app is that the quality of those films is not at par with DVD through post method.

2. YouTube: YouTube has a slightly different look in a Smart TV in comparison to its web version. In fact, different brands have different layouts and designs of YouTube.

3. BBC iPlayer: BBC iPlayer is another interesting app that provides access to seven days subscription of the radio and TV programmes of BBC. It also includes HD (High Definition) channels. The major drawback of BBC iPlayer is that the programmes cannot be recorded on a DVD or hard disk.

Most of the brands offer these types of preloaded Smart TV Apps  devices but the quality varies in each one of them.

Apps in a Smart TV create an integrated platform connected to internet. As a mobile app and web development company, SDI also provides app development services for various types of TV centric applications such as Netfix, Hulu, Epic and many more. SDI developers have a great experience in making Smart TVs a complete entertainment medium that incorporates the advantages of every other medium of entertainment.
For any further query, contact the  Apps Developers Australia (SDI) development team by writing to them at You can also talk to App Development  experts by calling on 0422 710 780.
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Five Ways Your Enterprise Can Make the Most of Tablet-Optimized Android Apps

Google’s recent emphasis on making the most of the tablet feature set for Android apps is part of an emerging emphasis on tablets, across entertainment, enterprise and education segments – areas where the large screen space that tablets offer makes a big difference. Android tablet app developers at App Developers Australia (SDI), for example have used the Android tablet platform to create winning apps for restaurants, hotels and mobile learning.

Along with an “app quality checklist” for tablets published on the Android Developer website, there are plans to promote apps optimized for tablets on the Android Play Store.

Appsdevelopers Australia (SDI) identifies the opportunities that tablet optimized apps represent for enterprises

Android means one app across devices
For Android tablet app developers, this is one of the most visible (and important differences) between developing for Android and iOS. An iPad app, for example, may not work on the iPhone or iPod, and vice versa.

As Google begins to drive emphasis on developing for tablets, a variety of great features will soon be in the pipeline. A feature extremely relevant to enterprises already available is the ability of an app to mold itself, and present a unique interface depending on the device. In practical terms, this kind of feature can mean true enterprise mobility – or never having to worry about the smaller screen resolutions when you open up a document during a meeting.

While making the most of tablet screen space is a key focus of the Google announcement, enterprises can in fact get apps developed from qualified Android tablet app developers that let them view multiple processes and information all on one screen. Comparing documents, tracking multiple accounts live and more all can be done on real-time on a single tablet.

Customized apps for different work environments
An app is only as good as its usability.  Just like tablets can be (and are) customized with rugged features to make them usable even in factory settings, so can apps.  A blue-collar work setting, like a manufacturing plant, or a loading dock necessitates stripped down, bare bones apps that let users punch in information rapidly.  The large screen space can make such effortless data entry possible, even if in the hands of a truck driver.

Optimizing tablets with ambient technology
NFC devices, RFID tags, wi-fi zones and QR codes all represent possibilities in enhancing your workplace so that every aspect of the workflow is mobile.

App Developers Australia (SDI)’s tablet app portfolio, for example, includes apps that factor in geolocation and data access - features that can seamlessly make an app a truly essential workplace tool. From inventory management to HR, a few tablets can single handedly automate a variety of processes.

Tablets, in the hand of customers
Workplace tablet use does not have to only mean enterprise and blue collar use.  There are many case studies of restaurants replacing menus with tablets, or companies replacing bulky products ownership manuals with apps. The benefits outweigh the short-term costs, and tablets are replacing, textbooks, notebooks, and are commonly even replacing the traditional onboard computer carried on police cars.

AppsDevelopers Oz boast of a rich and diverse tablet apps portfolio. The Android tablet app developers team there has the best talent to come up with revolutionary apps optimized Android tablet.

The sale of Android tablet has skyrocketed during the last few months and no business today can afford to not have a dedicated Android tablet app for its brand. Get in touch with Prince Sinha - VP Business solution at 0422 710 780 or write to to get the best quote for your business.
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Are you in Sales? Are you Looking at Apps to boost your revenues.. Our Business Solution experts - recommends its favorite apps off the iOS and Android market. 

Must-Have Apps for Sales People
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