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Dome 1/11 .A 5.7 meter 3V. made from (aprox) 48meters of 9X1 pine, 17 meters of 2X4 , 100 square meters of pollytunnel plastic , 1.5 liters of red paint, 500 ml of PVA glue, 200 screws, 5 tubes of outdoor silicone, 300 staples, 5 bee stings (i got a lump of fresh honey for the stings) . 5 days total to construct and assembly.
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nice ... I like the coloured frame.....
That looks amazing!! Well worth all the tears and bee stings.
I look forward to sitting in one, in the rain
looks great Simon. Give me a call before you paint anything........choices, choices
Looks brilliant - love the door
+Paul Joyce
 i will hopefully be on the case next week-few days prep work before painting, as its square wood you could do one or more colors per edge...stuff i used is water based ronseal outdoor, way more eco friendly than oil based stuff but not cheap- this one cost 30 for the paint alone, as yours is going on a hill open to the atlantic im making the struts a little thicker so may need more paint, can mix up any color you want..personally id stick to bright primarys- red/ blue/ yellow- or aim for whats in the area...purple/grey like the rock/gorse..will be in touch next week.
That looks freakin awesome! Love the pop out door segment and the voyeuristic feel of the 2nd pic.
+colm Sexton
yea if you look closley there are 2 females in there unaware of my any tuesday really
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