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Sandra Lawrence

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Eva, The Darkness In My Life by Sandra Lawrence published on Amazon Kindle Books. 
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Sandra Lawrence

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Eva, The Darkness In My Life by Sandra Lawrence published on Amazon Kindle Books. 
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Sandra Lawrence

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Gosh, I am so terribly sorry to hear this. It of course  goes without saying that you will have all  of our support in anything you do to prevent this from happening to others. The law is too lax in many areas and it is the public who suffer for it. So sorry. Sandra.
Mika Moulton suffered a tragic loss in 1995 when a predator on parole murdered her son Christopher. Today Mika continues the fight for legislation for harsher penalties for sex offenders and increasing the statute of limitations for their prosecution.
April is child abuse awareness month and if each us can take just a few minutes out of our day to educate ourselves on how to recognize the signs of child abuse we could save the next innocent child from being lost to the abyss of evil. With every passing moment Mika Moulton honors Christopher’s memory with her passion and dedication to protect every child from being a victim.

From the ashes of despair a mother becomes a hero to stop predators
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Sandra Lawrence

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From wounded child to trailblazing adventurer:    
Fragments of childhood and survival.
The psychological abuse I experienced 
through my entire childhood damaged me and 
made me extremely vulnerable to other forms 
of abuse. I grew up feeling unworthy, needy, 
stupid, and unattractive, with no self esteem. 
Because of my later determination to make 
something of myself, my life took me on a very 
diverse road. I took great risks in the world of 
business. Despite going down this path, deep 
down I felt like an imposter – I wasn’t good 
enough or clever enough. The most difficult 
was attending managerial meetings etc., where 
I felt they all knew. I felt it showed in my eyes, 
but despite this, I battled on, keeping my head 
held high and pushing my insecurities aside. 
I married a man I thought I loved and 
suffered years of physical and psychological 
abuse. After my separation, I had a five year 
relationship which exposed me to more 
psychological abuse, but didn’t even realise it 
was happening. It took an amazing experience 
which revealed to me the extent of what was 
actually occurring.
I had to toughen up, and toughen up I 
did. I was now blazing a trail through a male 
dominated world, and I learnt to deal with it at 
a level I thought I would not have been capable 
of. As a result of this giant change of direction, 
I went on the adventure of a lifetime and 
experienced new boundaries of excitement 
and great achievement...
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Sandra Lawrence

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TEEN VIOLENCE AND ABUSE:  Please share this post. It may help someone. 
The trouble is that women so badly need love in their lives that they choose to ignore the signs that are telling them that there is a problem with the man they are involved with. If he constantly puts you down, if he is bad tempered, if he is snappy with you and critical if he pushes you or shoves you then take notice. There are always signs but we choose to disregard them and only look at the good points. DO not paper over the cracks, take notice and walk away. Do you really want to end up in an abusive relationship? Do you really want to see the fear in your children's eyes as they witness the abuse? Walk away before it gets that far.
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Sandra Lawrence

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TAKEN FROM EVA, THE DARKNESS IN MY LIFE -  She glanced back towards the house and there he was, his daunting presence framed in the doorway. He beckoned to her, ‘Come back Sophia, I won’t hurt you,’ he promised. On reaching the door, without warning his arm shot out, grabbed her by the hair and yanked her inside, his barrage of abuse began all over again. Away from prying eyes, he slung her forcefully against the wall and held her there in a vice like grip on her neck, all the time spewing vile vulgarities at her. His fingers tightened around her throat, she struggled for breath; she was choking, and tried to cry out for him to stop, but no sound came.
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Sandra Lawrence

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'...At that moment, she leaned forward to kiss his cheek as a gesture of thanks. As she did so, the gentle movement of the sea pushed their bodies together – as their bodies touched, his lips found hers and he kissed her so tenderly, so lovingly...'

Taken from Chapter 67
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Sandra Lawrence

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5 star Review by Jonny McMillion 
SANDRA LAWRENCE: Unprecedented Life Journey February 13, 2014
By Johnny McMillion
Verified Purchase
As an Advocate Against All Forms of Violence,- there is no excuse for Domestic Violence. It is everybody's business. Real-life events, such as Sandra Lawrence's Book "EVA The Darkness In My Life", should be shared to reach all segments of our society, through PSAs, billboards, magazines, print ads and bumper stickers. If there was a rating between 1-10, I would surely rate her Book a "10"!

From conception, to the "Triumphant" conclusion of her Book, my hat's off to Sandra Lawrence for her strength, attention to details, bravery, integrity, combating horrendous obstacles, protection for her children and her determination to share her traumatized experience to the World....IS UNPRECEDENTED!!!

Everyone has a responsibility to help prevent Domestic Violence. Six million women were abused in 2012. One in every six was pregnant. Every nine seconds a woman is battered - and somebody looks the other way. Somebody sees the cuts, breaks and bruises, but doesn't ask how it happened. And often- whether it's through a window or a wall or ceiling - somebody witnesses the assault and doesn't call for help. Whether you are a victim, were a victim, knows someone who was or just want to discover for yourself the impact this life-threaten abuse plays on a woman; especially one with children. THEN YOU MUST READ THE PROVACATIVE, HEARTFELT, INSPIRATIONAL, HEALING AND HERIOC JOURNEY OF SANDRA LAWRENCE.

With all that goes on in our daily lives, we may believe we don't have time to get involved with other people and their issues, yet we must! By shouldering a bit of the responsibility, we can progress faster in eliminating the violence which pledge women and children in our society. We owe it to ourselves and everyone else to see that all people live painless and free. Women are the creative force of the world. Every women of color has a responsibility to all women of color to reveal the violence against her; to heal her wounds and do everything in her power to make sure another woman is healed.

Sandra Lawrence, from her personal real-life experience, made it her duty to share what she has gone through from Domestic Violence, to help other women move beyond some darkness in their life. I tremendously enjoyed reading her compelling story and Highly Recommend her Book to everyone I encounter. She gets 5 Stars +!
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As a child I experienced psychological abuse, followed by violent abuse at the hands of the man I thought I loved, my husband. Read my story and learn what I had to do to break away from the path I was on.
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I have recently completed and published a book called Eva, the darkness in my life. It is a true account of the dramatic and traumatic experiences throughout most of my life, starting in my early childhood. For various reasons, I was somewhat reticent about publishing it but when some of my close friends read copies of my manuscript, they convinced me to go public with it. Their main opinion was that it should be shared with other women who may be enduring similar hardships. But it is also a story of hope and by taking action, you will find independence again.This book is far from being about abuse alone. Sophia's adventures traverse seven countries, crossing paths with many an interesting character. It is a page turner being full of drama, tension and excitement. It is thrilling; every emotion that one experiences during a lifetime is here in this book.
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