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Kelly McCullough
Author of fantasy, science fiction, and book for children.
Author of fantasy, science fiction, and book for children.

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Writer World PSA: Rejections mean you’re doing writing right.
I have ~500 rejections, some very recent.
I also have 12 novels in print, 2 under contract, numerous short story publications, poems published, and even a science comic.
I had 91 rejections before my first sale. My 2nd sale was to a pro market that went under before it published. It was 6 years between my 1st short story sale and my 1st novel sale. Time and rejection are normal.
I started writing seriously in 1991. 1st short sale 1998. 1st novel sale 2005. Novels 11 and 12 came out in 2015. 13 and 14 are due to my editor in 2016.
I have 12 novels or partials out under submission right now reflecting 3 series and 3 stand-alones. I’m writing a spec book between the contract books just because.
Stubborn succeeds.
Don’t give up because your story got rejected.
Don’t give up because you got a hundred rejections.
Don’t give up.

Morning arrived like a walrus in a weight room—so much core, but alas no thumbs. #badnoir 

Morning arrived like a boa constrictor in a bustier—cleavage at the cost of breakfast, constricted and conflicted. #badnoir

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‪Belatedly, Friday Cat Blogging:‬

Morning arrived like a troll under the breakfast table—you didn’t need those toes for anything important, right? #badnoir 

Morning arrived like a rainfall of cold porridge—splork splirk splooog, ick! #badnoir 

Morning arrived like a dirigible crewed by talking porcupines—you knows it’s going to end catastrophically and with much swearing. #badnoir

Morning arrived like a triple decker ice cream cone on a -40° day—hard as a rock and ready to freeze your face off. #badnoir

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I love the accommodations that have been made to keep this tree healthy.

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Close encounters of the ????? kind.
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