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Carnival #Cruise Line - Liberty just had a Fire in the engine room. No one was injured & the ships #FireSuppression system knocked it out quickly.
Carnival released a statement to their passengers regarding the incident. #Closecall
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Create visual music for Oskar Fischinger's 117th birthday in this #GoogleDoodle
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Great reminder of how important the SEO basics should always be implemented.
How to create SEO-friendly content
How to create SEO-friendly content
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A futurist perspective and something to consider.
Copied from my some might say incredible Facebook Post.


* It's time for a mental download! It's been awhile!
*Read at your own risk! - I will only promise not to bore you.
The true social media destruction of our inner-self is the hive mind mentality and the self-checking of our own narrative.

As it stands now controversial shared subjects are replied to by the Hive-mind type personalities very carefully. Before you're quick to disagree.

Here is how a hive mind works....

*Consider the following:
Imagine that a controversial post online is read by you. You may also read the previous opinions and comments. In the back of your mind, this info is studied, referenced, and temporarily stored. Weighing it all at near light speeds you simultaneously start tapping out a response. A response that usually lean's with or intensifies the majority. A hive mind also considers the lowest percentage at which we offend or embolden our closest friends or loved ones. The first few commenters can be counted on to help roll the tide ahead or at least until an outrageous troll baits a flounder. I digress...

*Let's go deeper!
Sometimes we reject the popular and use logic in our response, perhaps even an unpopular one. Yes, we're left exposed in a possible virtual vapid pit of snakes. These are the brave! The real social warriors who challenge this narrative with a strength of mind, as an independent thinker for justice. Yes, I just used social, justice and warrior in a sentence.

*A quicky!
Being in online Marketing since late 2008 I have seen advances in this field that you can't even imagine. Changes that you may understand and some you may not. Let's dive in a little!

*Remember this?
You may remember the annoying online bot. This early online bot was a simple A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) program. Really an early form of free marketing. The bot would post URLs in chat windows periodically on one of the MSM or Yahoo chat rooms. Fooling or enticing those in the room to click links to visit their websites.

The worm and trojan virus was established, and soon fewer people over time would dare to click on these things.

*Porn ruined the fun. (Sounds like an oxymoron I know) Bare with me... Soon came the infusion of capital by the porn industry. And with it a healthy desire to improve on this deceptive technology.
The second wave of bots came, Chat-bots (I liked to call them the Fem-bots). A majority were deceptive fake female profiles and chat A.I., fairly convincing for awhile.
They effectively infiltrated the first forms of online dating sites and private chat by the masses.
These fem-bots killed the online chat rooms in short order by 2005 they were basically wiped out. No one would use these rooms anymore besides there was this new thing called Myspace.
*Do you understand where this tech is now?
I have been exposed to many Marketing programs and tools. I have used very powerful programs. Programs so powerful they were taken out of mainstream circulation, some by Government.

There's Chat-bots that you cannot tell if the person you are conversing with is real or fake. Chat bots that can effectively read at a college level, understand, and decipher it's intended perspective and then respond to you. There's complex algorithms made that can control other complex algorithms. Imagine an endless cell structure of actionable algorithms controlling hardware and software driven algorithms. This is true A.I., and we're at this point of where reality and blur intersect. This is the beginning of the machine movement.

*Oh you want more?
There are programs that can generate unique well thought out articles of interest and relevance and include and edit Images.

*How about this?
There were and yet still programs running right now waiting and praying on your every word. Triggered by a phrase comment or hashtag. Ready to have an A.I. engagement of unlimited possibility.

Myself... being exposed to a small fraction of this technology on such a fractional scale. I have developed this insatiable and unquenchable thirst for how A.I. is and will continue to impact social psychology.

*Believe this! I'm almost to an incredible point here, please bare with me. There is another kind of war going on. The war for complete A.I. It's the final installment of virtual engineering. If Google comes to mind you are correct! Google is this technology! And we give them all the data to understand us better than we understand ourselves. Utilizing fit bit type devices, search inquiries, social media, travel destinations, the foods we buy, places we eat, even the pictures we take. The patterns for each of us are being matrixed. We are all the collective hive brain of what may just destroy everything we cherish. Scary thought, maybe even us.

*Now imagine!
With all of these technologies linked together, we all become puppets whether we like it or not. They know us better than we know ourselves. They know our desires wants and needs before we do. Real oppression will fall upon society by psychological A.I. predators. Free thought, creativity, and joy will virtually disappear.
Ahead it may not be the biblical version we imagine, but it's certainly a technological Armageddon.

*All this talk of psychological control is craziness, You may say?
Yes! The craziest part of this whole post may be. That, I purposefully used a form of psychological control on you to make sure you read this entire post. Just to demonstrate the power of understanding human psychology. I used verbal cues as well as visual markers to entice you to read on. Can you pick them up?
The rest is sentence structure and the idea that words can flow like music building into a crescendo.

*What is this crescendo?
Yes, that every one of us can be steered a direction using intended forms of conditioning and psychology. Propaganda and A.I. are shaking hands right now to strike a deal for the future.

*My last thought on this:
Ken Jennings former Olympic Jeopardy superstar was beaten by A.I. "Watson". That was 7 years ago. You know what that is in Cat years with relation to Moores law?

- My thoughts are now with you.

I offer this as (CC) Creative Commons. Anyone may share my content for the purposes to open discussion and engage free thought and perspective.
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Nearly two years old and still relevant today! Put the work in and feel the results. SEO for Blog writing is as equally important to your brand awareness and overall #SEO. You would have to be nuts to ignore this fact. - Don't neglect the blog! (nuts)
How to Optimize a #BlogArticle for SEO
How to Optimize a #BlogArticle for SEO
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