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Blue gone: Sad...
Blue gone and I can now go to more SQL Server events: Sad but happy.

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My Uncle Robert Hamner passed away this past Sunday. He was the last of 6 brothers and sisters. My Mom was the baby. Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

I scan all my paper documents into Evernote Premium through a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner that generates a PDF that gets imported into Evernote. Text is automatically OCRed. All I have to do is some minor indexing, tagging, and placing in the right Notebook bucket. Good stuff. One problem is sometimes a page in the PDF is rotated. I don't want to rescan and rebuild manually. Plus I have already probably shredded the actual document (I only save really important stuff). Within Adobe Reader - Adobe's PDF viewer there is an easy way to rotate the PDF 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise through the View menu. There are also shortcut keys: CW == ctrl shift + (plus) CCW == ctrl shift - (minus).

UFC 143: Condit wins unanimous decision - interim welterweight champ. GSP is next for Condit. I would rather see Nick Diaz vs GSP.

UFC 143: NIck DIaz and Carlos Condit. 2 elite fighters. Too close to call for me I think. Probably Condit wins on split decision. We shall see.

UFC 143 Main Event Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit. Prediction: Punishment. In the end I think Diaz will survive the brutality a little better and come out on top... barely.

UCF 143: Werdum clear winner over Nelson. Those knees were crushing. That Nelson left the fight standing is a credit to his heart. If Nelson keeps losing weight he might end up as a light heavyweight. I think he would kill people as a light heavyweight. Nelson still one of my favorites for sure!

Nelson vs Werdum is the fight of the night thru first 2 rounds. Nelson has some serious heart. Werdum is winning 2-0. Nelson will need a KO or submission to win. 3rd round here we go.

Damn. Nelson pummeled by those knees of Werdum, Devastating. But Nelson has a serious chin.

Here we go... Big Country on UFC 143.
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