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Your Google+ powered blogging platform
Your Google+ powered blogging platform


Post has attachment - RSS & Vanity URLs, the Google+ powered blogging platform has been updated to allow site supporters to create vanity URLs and expose an RSS feed of their public Google+ posts.

Vanity URLs are in the format of [vanity_name], making it very easy to remember and share your blog with others. Be sure that you choose carefully as names can only be chosen once.

RSS feeds are updated daily and will broadcast the last 20 posts made by the user. They can be accessed by going to your new Vanity URL [vanity_name], or via[YourProfileID]/rss.xml.

To see an example, check out mine at

Becoming a site supporter

To provide a service such as this it requires a fair amount of time and resources. In order to continue to provide such a service a supporter option has been created.

For a single, once off payment of US$15.00 you will receive a Vanity URL of your choosing (subject to availability) and a daily updated RSS feed. You will also continue to have your blog hosted for the lifetime of this website. We're not planning on going anywhere, this is just a way of ensuring that. To become a supporter simply sign in and follow the instructions via your settings page.

Some people won't like this option and that is fine, hosting will still continue as it is now, I am just ensuring the longevity of the site which is better for everyone.

Upcoming updates is still under development, so keep your suggestions coming. Below are just a couple of changes we will be rolling out in the near future.

- More default themes for you to choose from
- Customisable CSS, allowing your site to be designed by you
- Tag based visibility of your posts
- More information and pages to make it even more 'blog-like'

What is

Thanks for the continued support, be sure to send us any feedback that you may have. We are always listening.

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Post has attachment - Your Google+ powered blogging platform.

I invite you all to check out my latest project,, a blogging platform which repurposes your public Google+ posts as Blog posts. Your Blog will be updated daily and will include any photos, videos and comments that are found on your posts.

Can the Blog be customised at all?

Yes, it can! You have control over the following settings:

- Theme (There are currently two themes that can be used, with more to come.)
- Number of posts on each page
- Toggle post pages to show summaries
- Whether or not to include photo posts

You are also able to choose to hide certain posts from your Blog, it is as simple as unticking a box and it will be hidden.

Future plans

There are many things planned for the site, here are a couple I am excited about:

- Custom CSS stylesheets (Style your blog to look however you want it to.)
- Subdomains (Use to access your blog)


Please keep in mind that this site is going through a beta phase so if you come across any bugs please let me know of them. I also welcome any suggestions for features that people may have.

Google have graciously provided me with an API boost so you should not have to worry about the site running out of quota and people missing out.

Please help spread the word, your reshares are appreciated

#GooglePlusBlog #Blog #Plusses #GooglePlusAPI
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