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Congratulations to Hilary Gordon for passing the LCSW L&E exam! Hilary wrote, "I was very happy with the flexibility of the program as I did not pass the first time and I was able to extend the program until I re-took the test."

Congratulations to Dalila Jimenez for passing the LCSW exam! Dalila wrote, "TDC material really helped me prepare for this exam. Material was easy to understand and not overwhelming. I used the problem solving strategies utilized throughout the course on the day of the exam. Thank you Amanda and staff."

Congratulations to Angelica Niklowitz for passing the LCSW L&E exam! Angelica wrote, "I've known several social workers that used your study guide and passed their licensure test. So, I decided to try your study guide for the Law and Ethics exam. I enjoyed the program, and felt prepared for the test. Although it was a nerve-racking experience, I passed the test! And you're right, you don't feel like you are passing the test while you're taking it. I plan to purchase your study guide again, when I take the licensure test. Thank you!"

Congratulations to Ed Fowler for passing the LCSW exam! Ed wrote, "As others have said, I found the LCSW exam to be very familiar after using the TDC materials. The TDC approach is systematic and thorough, and helped me feel confident going into the exam. That confidence, and finding the exam questions to be so similar to what I had studied through TDC, helped me feel much less anxious during the exam. I actually felt afterwards that the TDC program over-prepared me for the exam- which is good! The TDC program has a good grasp of what is on the exam and how to prepare. Thanks!"

Congratulations to Natalia Lopez for passing the LCSW exam! Natalia wrote, "I passed and I can't say how thankful I am to this study prep program!!!!"

Congratulations to Jenafir House for passing the LCSW L&E exam! Jenafir wrote, "Overall, I'm VERY glad I took the course and SO appreciate Robin's quick replies to all of my messages. I felt a lot more confident going into the exam, and I did learn a lot as an ASW. Thank you, Robin and TDC! I will recommend!"

Congratulations to Michael Eynon for passing the MFT L&E exam! Michael wrote, "I greatly enjoyed and appreciated TDC's exam study materials. They were essential to my passing the exam and feeling confident in my abilities. I appreciated the prompt e-mails with my questions which were able to ease my anxiety about the test. Looking forward to using the material for the next exam as well. Thank you so much!"

Congratulations to Laeticia Batoba for passing the LMSW exam! Laeticia wrote, "I was recommended this study guide by my sister after she used it and passed on the first try. I never used another study guide, so I have nothing to compare TDC to. I love how TDC gives you so much knowledge in a variety of areas, which helps you to critically think and pick the right answer. The different tests and mock exams were very helpful, and really mimicked the questions and format of the LMSW exam very well. Upon test day, I felt comfortable, because I knew TDC did a good job of preparing me. I took the exam on the first try and passed!! I am very thankful to TDC and all the instructors."

Congratulations to Kristin Perkins for passing the LCSW L&E exam! Kristin wrote, "Fabulous program! I passed the first time. The questions on the practice exams were an excellent representation of the exam questions. I learned the material rather than using rote memorization. The study structure was exceptional. THANK YOU!!!!"

Congratulations to Rachel Gardner for passing the LCSW exam! Rachel wrote, "I needed 101 and passed with 130- that's an 87%!!!"
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