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Lynn C-H (Goth Kitty Lady)
Author, blogger, ego the size of a small planet.
Author, blogger, ego the size of a small planet.

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Today is the day we celebrate being goth! No matter what kind of goth that is. #WORLDGOTHDAY

I just love discovering new holidays.

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You know that one college where the commencement speaker totally bombed? This isn't that college.

Sometimes student petitions actually work. ;)

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It started off as a normal week, even with the mutant dino-turkeys.

Someone should probably have seen this coming. But they didn't.

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Everyone likes puppies, right? Of course you do.

This week, a puzzle. And a puppy!

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No, this doesn't mean you'll get a fourth fiction post tomorrow. :P

Here's another fic, this one by request.

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They knew there had to be at least one more.

There was a dead girl on the beach. Sort of.

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It's time to share some classified information...with someone who didn't ask to be told.

This next part of Finders all about family.

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It's been a rough week, so have ten minutes of comedy. There will be no free toaster, though.

Bad to worse to funny!

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There can be a considerable difference in meaning depending on who's using the word 'reclaiming'.

They're just for reclaiming the desert, right?

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Put down the jar of organic all-natural varicolored sea salt, it's research time.

Which salt is best, and for what?
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