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Getting my board game mojo back after reorganizing shelves. Now my games are easy to get to! 
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Hey #internet I need some #help for a little tiny #christmas #miracle. Since I was a little girl, early #80s, I had a really #cute #ornament It had a little girl in a red dress hugging a giant #teddybear with little light blue #snowflakes and the words #lilpunkin on one side and on the other side it had the words #merrychristmas surrounded by #holly It was an ivory glass ball and today it broke. Replacing it might be #impossible but I'd like to at least know more about it like who the #artist was. It reminds me of #maryengelbreit but I don't think the initials are right. Could you help solve this #mystery with me?
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They were bought by American Greetings in 1980. 
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"Madeline Muñoz-Bustamante was also scoping the shrink-wrapped display at Walmart, targeting the popular Captain Phasma and Kylo Wren figurines. She had gone to the Walmart on Coral Way and was told they were not participating, so she quickly drove to Doral. She planned to showcase the figurines in her new video blog on YouTube — ‘Toys and Coffee’ — where she and friend Wajima Alvarado unbox toys they purchase and discuss them over a cup of coffee."
Fans young and old flock to stores to get first crack at memorabilia and collectables tied to the new Star Wars movie coming out in December
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This is what I do with my free time these days... Have you guys seen the +Kawaii Box  subscription? OMG it's adorable. It's my favorite subscription right now. 
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Happy Birthday!! :)
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If you're into marine biology at all, my team's research consortium is really getting going. The website is being developed but in the mean time, they're posting stuff to their Facebook page like this really cool sped up timelapse of mahi mahi eggs in the first 72 hours. They are some of the fastest growing fish in the ocean and it's crazy how quickly they develop.
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Sandy B
I am very interested, but I don't have Facebook. :(
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I was driving into a storm the other day. Amazing. 
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Hit me up #Miitomo lovers!
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Clever girl

... Oh wait, wrong franchise.
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This is the little YouTube project my friend and I have been playing with the past few months. If you're into checking out cute, fun stuff hang out with us!
Drink coffee. Open Stuff. Repeat.
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Anyone here into the Garbage Pail Kids? We got our hands on a case of the really big mystery minis Funko did. They are SO cool
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+james morson They are so awesome. Seriously well done. You'll love them
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Have you guys ever heard of +Kawaii Box? Oh man we got ours in for the first time and just about died. Cute OVERLOAD. You've been warned! 
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We are officially foster failures! Check out our new four legged family member-- Cappa! He's the biggest snaggletoothiest goofiest cuddle bug ever!
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Thanks guys. He's a great dog. Everything we wanted. ^_^
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I like big books and I cannot lie
How do you know you've found the right Madeline?
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  • This is the one that likes to make things. 
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So there you go. This is that Madeline and if that's the Madeline you were looking for, you found me. If that wasn't the Madeline you were looking for I do apologize for taking up your time but hey if you think this Madeline is interesting too, I do hope you'll throw me in one of your circles and share cool stuff with me. Happy Plussing!

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